Plugin UserValidation v0.3

Release Notes

This is a replacement for the 'uservalidationbyemail' plugin.


In 'adminstration/tool-settings' you can setup the validation method : 



no validation. After registration the user will be activated. 


an optimized 'uservalidationbyemail' 


After registration an admin have to activate the user account.


If you choose 'bymail' or 'byadmin' you will have a new link 'pending registrations' in 'administration. There you'll find a list of all registered, but not activated, users (here you also find 'banned' users) and you may activate or delete them.


All the Admin-Stuff (language, page-handler ....) are only loaded, if an admin logged in.


Requirements : Elgg 1.1

Todos : 

- option, to send an email to the site-admin if a new user registered

- better mail-content (i need help, because my english is not the best :-)

- auto-delete pending activations after xxx days


Please report bugs and your wishes to me.

  • thanks Ralf very useful plugins

  • Ralf, thanks for sharing this. Good job!


  • Ro

    Ralf, thank you so much for your work! We all greatly appreciate it!!!

    Your to do's look good! I am especially interested in the system sending an e-mail to the site admin if a new user registers. Also, (and I have't tested your plugin yet) I think that there should be an e-mail sent to the person who tried to register, telling them that their registration is pending approval by the site admin.

    I would be happy to help you with your English! Just tell me what you need refined. (Again, I'll take a look at this tonight and I'll try to offer some suggestions.

    The auto-delete would be great! If it is possible for the admin to be able to set the days though, that would be great! With the old Elgg, I think invitations would expire after 7 days.

    Also, off topic, is anyone working on a ROBUST roles mod?? I remember that there was a roles mod for 0.9 that was created. Obviously, 1.0 / 1.1 is a MUCH BETTER platform now, but we need this! I really-REALLY need to be able to make people moderators. I don't want to have only a choice of regular user or admin. Those are two extremes. There should be only one site admin (the skilled webmaster) and then the site admin could have the site owner or designee to be a moderator. Perhaps even having two levels of moderators would be good!

  • Ro

    Another thing, if invitations are sent from a friend, will they automatically become members? Or will these be approved by the admin?

  • Ro

    Ralf, I hope this helps:

    File to edit English - en.php

    "You have confirmed your email address!" --->>> "You have successfully confirmed your email address!"

    "Your account will be confirmed by the site-administrator. You will receide an email, if your account is activated." --->>> "Your account will be confirmed by the site-administrator. You will receive an email, when your account is activated."

  • Ro

    Okay, I have some feedback on functionality! :-)

    First, generally speaking, it works well! And of course, we are looking forward to your future enhancements.

    #1, I noticed a problem with the user registration. Let me give you a scenario:

    A) Register a user with "validate by e-mail"
    B) Then have your administrator change this option to "validate by admin(s)
    C) Then have your user validate the link that came in the e-mail
    D) Try to have your user log in. They will not be able to log in.
    E) Try to have your user reset their password (thinking that this needs to be done). The password cannot be reset.

    I tested a user that had been registered completely before activating your plugin and that user did not have any problem. However, if there are any users caught mid-stream in the sign-up process, when the settings are changed, I think this will cause a problem.

    #2, I noticed that you did not take care of "uservalidation:admin:registerok" in the language file (at least in the Enlish I didn't see it). When the user registers, they get "uservalidation:admin:registerok" instead of an a message in English. I think I get the idea of how to add this, but you may want to do it yourself, since it is your plugin.

    Other than that, I think you are doing great work and I really-REALLY look forward to more enhancements!!!

  • Ro

    Also, I have another idea. Is it possible to have more information about the pending user's registration? Ideally, there would be more fields for registration, which would help the admin in making a decision. These fields would correspond to actual profile fields. So, the person might be required to put their state, their stance or position on an issue, etc. Also, the IP address and the e-mail address should show. If I am looking to make a decision on whether or not to accept a membership, then I need more information to go on. Otherwise, I may have a site abuser that just keeps coming back to get on and I can't figure it out ahead of time. Think of ways to help improve this for the site admin (and future moderators).

  • Ro

    Another idea is that there should be a way for the system to store rejected applications, so that the system can help remind the admin, "Hey, this user tried to register before" and maybe give hints as to why the system thinks so. This would be very cool!

  • Why not validate by mail AND by admin?

  • FYI, the ability to reinstate or delete banned users with this plugin is great. Without it, it seems that banned users go into limbo and can only be reactivated or deleted by direct manipulation of the database.

  • Here's a better English language file for the plugin:

    "Account could not be activated!",
    'uservalidation:admin:confirm:success' => "Account has been activated!",
    'uservalidation:email:confirm:fail' => "Your email address could not be verified...",
    'uservalidation:email:confirm:success' => "You have confirmed your email address.",
    'uservalidation:email:registerok' => "To activate your account, please confirm your email address by clicking on the link we sent you.",
    'uservalidation:email:registerok' => "Your account will be confirmed by the site administrator. You will receive an email if your account is activated.",
    'uservalidation:none:confirm:success' => "Your account has been activated.",

    * eMail translations

    'uservalidation:admin:validate:subject' => "%s your account is pending approval.",
    'uservalidation:admin:validate:body' => "
    Hi %s,
    your account needs to be approved by an adminstrator. You will be notified when you can log in to

    'uservalidation:admin:success:subject' => "Account activated for %s.",
    'uservalidation:admin:success:body' => "
    Hi %s,
    You account has been approved and activated.
    Login to %s with the link below:

    'uservalidation:email:success:subject' => "Email validated for %s.",
    'uservalidation:email:success:body' => "
    Hi %s,
    Congratulations, you have successfully validated your email address.
    Login to %s with the link below:

    'uservalidation:email:validate:subject' => "%s please confirm your email address!",
    'uservalidation:email:validate:body' => "
    Hi %s,
    Please confirm your email address by clicking on the link below:

    'uservalidation:none:success:subject' => "Account activated %s.",
    'uservalidation:none:success:body' => "
    Hi %s,
    Your account has been activated.
    Login to %s with the link below:

    add_translation('en', $english);

    if (isadminloggedin())

    $english = array(

    * Admin-Only translations

    'uservalidation:activate' => "Activate User",
    'uservalidation:delete' => "Delete User",
    'uservalidation:banned' => "Banned",
    'uservalidation:method' => "Method for user validation",
    'uservalidation:method:none' => "no validation",
    'uservalidation:method:bymail' => "validate by mail",
    'uservalidation:method:byadmin' => "validate by admin(s)",
    'uservalidation:pendingusers' => "Pending registration(s)",
    'uservalidation:registered' => "Registered: ",
    'uservalidation:waiting' => "Waiting for activation",

    add_translation('en', $english);



  • Does this plugin works on Elgg1.5?

  • Please add ip of user, Thanks....ed

  • HI

    when i use your plugin i get a 'iagree_event_create_friend' event . do u know?

  • I have it set where all users must be manually validated by admin - but I am having users sign up w/o me validating them. So, I don't have a secure site.

  • Hi, I am trying to use this with Elgg 1.0 installation, when I click to activate a pending request I get a blank page, and when I click on delete It says "Can not delete user" , Help.


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