Fixed messageboard-plugin v0.4

Release Notes

This are some fixes to the messageboard plugin.

I hope, this is the last release.


This bugs are fixed :

  • no notification have been send, if you post a message directly to the messageboard on the profile-page of an user.
  • usernames will be displayed instead of display-names
  • missing translation-tag 'reply on'.
  • double register translation
  • some input/field bugs


changes to release 0.1 :

  • fixed a translation-tag in index.php
  • fixed some debug-code


changes to release 0.2 :

  • river statements will be shown (thanks to 'cash costello' on google groups) for users and groups 


changes to release 0.3 :

  • the group-owner will now receive a mail, if something posted to the messageboard.
  • fixed a bug in 'full view'. The input-box displays even the user are not logged in (linked via mail)


Theres one bug in displaying the full-messageboard ('view all') in groups. It's different from the display in users. If anyone know why, please post a message.


all bugs and modifications have been send to


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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