404 Error Pages [1.0.0] v1.0.0

Release Notes


IMPORTANT! The ECML (Elgg Custom Markup Language) plugin (version 0.2.2.b or higher) is required for the 404 page to render correctly. However you can remove the ECML tags and add your own code if you want.

What Do I Provide

This plugin adds custom 404 error pages. It also provides a php function that can be used to throw 404 error pages. elgg_throw_404. There are specific changes to the .htaccess file that are required for this plugin to work.


You must modify the .htaccess file for this plugin to work.

- Add the following [L,QSA], after every RewriteRule line in the .htaccess so a sample line will now look like

RewriteRule ^action\/([A-Za-z\_\-\/]+)$ engine/handlers/action_handler.php?action=$1 [L,QSA]

- Add the htaccess additions found in the htaccess_additions file to the end of the .htaccess file just above the last </IfModule> line.


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  • License: Modified BSD license
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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