E-OSX Theme With Fish Eye Menu vv.1.3

Release Notes

E-OSX Theme With Fish Eye Menu  Base On Green Rounded Theme . E-OSX Theme Look Like OSX

New Features jQuery lightbox clone - prettyPhoto in File Plugins

Current version of elgg from svn v1.1

Once installed to your /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last).

It currently contains skins for the following plugins:

• all core plugins (profile, groups, admin stuff etc)

  • blog
  • bookmarks
  • file
  • friends
  • messageboard
  • messages
  • pages
  • status
  • twitter



If you want add another plugin for Fish Eye Menu

1. upload icon file .png 128x128 px to /graphics/fisheys_icons directory

2. /views/default/page_elements/header.php add

 <a class="dock-item" href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/another plugin"><img src="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/theme_eosx_fish_eye/graphics/fisheys_icons/icon_file.png" alt="file" /><span>Name another plugin</span></a>


Download  More Icon set http://dryicons.com/free-icons/


theme eosx fish eye



theme eosx fish eye



E-OSX Theme For elgg

E-OSX Theme For elgg


Thank Host for test colorpack.net

  • Hi Bubu,

    Thanks for the theme.

    But i'can not create "owner" plugin link. So, when i clik to Fisheye icon's i see all of content that plugin. When i look at the codes i see <?php echo $vars['entity']->username; ?> for username. But i think this is don't work (work for only Blog" have you an idea? or have you other "username" echo code?

    Regards Erdem

  • Am ! Sorry Please Change <?php echo $vars['entity']->username; ?> To <?php echo $vars['user']->username; ?>

  • Hello Bubu -

    Why does the transparency around the corners not work with IExporer 6?  It looks super nice with the newer IE and Firefox.  I'm just trying to understand the differences in browsers dealing with CSS round corners.

    Thanks, Mik

  • IE6 can't show transparency of png file . ie6 png fix now testing

  • So, you must do a degradation to GIF (or 8-bit PNG) for IE 6 with a condition statement?  This is what you are testing?

  • Is it possible to make a fish eye icon link to a user's profile, i tried can't get it right! need help!

  • Hi Bubu!

    I want to add some new icons and have problems finding some in the same style.
    Did you make the icons by yourself or are they from someone else? If so I would love to get a link to more original icons!


  • hi babu!

    There is an error with your script:

    It destroies the "Profile picture cropping
    tool". But I've no idea about JS, can u maybe help?


  • I have the same problem as Gaius.  In firefox the javascript profile image cropper sets its bounding box about 1/4 the way down the image.  This makes it cover the button to confirm the crop and makes selecting the crop area  achore.

  • Additional broken items with this theme:

    The docking bar has non-functional links to all site areas (blog, files, messages, etc.) because of erroneous usage of the username.  Some places it just fails to even add the page owner to the links.  In the places where it does however it references the owner with:

    <?php $vars['entity']->username; ?>

    When it should use:

    <?php echo page_owner_entity()->username; ?>

  • I've traced the javascript error bug a bit.  It's not with the javascript.  The javascript in use is master js for profile image cropping.  What's happened is that the offset for that javascript bounding box is keyed off some style sheet element that appears to be missing or changeded in the Fish Eye OSX theme.

    Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how to fix it.  Having trouble finding the style sheet element that's feeding the "Y" coordinate to the Javascript and the Javascript itself has been compacted and minimized and as result very hard to trace and debug.

  • Resolved the picture profile cropping issue.  It only happens in Firefox (IE7 works fine).  Downloading and installing the latest version of the JQuery ImageAreaSelect library that Elgg uses solves the problem.  Elgg Profile comes with version 0.4.2.  The latest version is 0.6.2 and works much better.  You can find it at the authors website:


    1) Quick and dirty install:

    a. rename both files to be <blah>0.4.2<blah>

    b. Copy the included .js files into the mod/profile/views/default/js/ directory and overwrite the existing files.


    2) Proper install:

    a. make a copy of the Profile mod director ( <elggroot>/mod/profile ), name it ProfileJSFix

    b. copy the included .js files into mod/ProfileJSFix/views/default/js directory

    c. edit the editicon.php file in /mod/profile/views/default/profile/ directory and change the reference to imgareaselect-0.4.2.js to imgareaselect-0.6.2.js

    d. upload the new ProfileJSFix mod to your elgg mod folder

    e. disable the defaul elgg Profile plugin

    f. enable the new ProfileJSFix plugin

    g. Optional: Modify the manifest.xml file to describe your updated mod.

  • Nice theme. I have been going through it and did the changes suggested by Maxfield for the icon links. The username is now added to the end of the links and works fine except in one instance. When viewing the profile of another user the icons default to the username of the profile you are viewing instead of the logged in user. Any ideas on how to fix?


  • It doesn't work in Elgg 1.5 =S

    Are there any ways to integre 1.5 ?


  • Now am working For 1.5

  • Hi BuBu,

    Very nice theme. Congratulations!

    I'm testing your theme and i have a issue, in files plugin:

    I upload a excel and audio files. When i click in the icon of excel file or audio on list view, your javascript tries display the file.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Note: With photos your javascript works very well.


  • Hi bubu, how much wait for get this theme for 1.5?

  • would like this theme for 1.6

  • me want 1.6 too...

    to bad the guy is no longet active here..

  • Not bad, the the theme is fantastic though i havent used it yet, I Just Lookss...

  • Can anyone get this to work with 1.8.5?





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