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Some of Elggs core plugins don't function properly due to the fact that their page handler functions aren't returning the correct values. For a list of patches please read this document. If anyone else finds a plugin that is conflicting with Compactor please let me know and I'll update the list.

IF your server becomes slow after installing make sure you have the following options disabled

-Move CSS all style declarations to the <head>
-Join all inline css.
-Move all javascript declarations just before </body>.
-Join all inline javascript.


- Reduces number of database queries used by about 20 per page as the plugin settings are now pulled out all at once instead of using Elggs built in get_plugin_setting which makes two database queries per function call.


If you are updating from a previous version, upload and replace the compactor plugin folder. Then disable and re-enable the plugin. Then reset your compactor settings to what they were before the upgrade. You have to do this because of the preference name changes within the plugin.

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