Release Notes

This plugin has been updated.

As requested the Compactor plugin now has a whole slew of new features, however some of them may have a performance penalty at the moment. The compactor can shrink the average page size (inc assets) from 224kb to 63 kb.


- Switched from compactor class to Minify
- Removed options from the admin as they were superflous and are now automatically added when optimising HTML
- New options are

  1. Move CSS all style declarations to the <head> (performance penalty)
  2. Join all inline css. (performance penalty)
  3. Move all javascript declarations just before </body>. (performance penalty)
  4. Join all inline javascript. (performance penalty)
  5. Optimise HTML (html whitespace and comment removal.
  6. Remove whitespace and comments from external CSS resources.
  7. Attempt to join any external CSS files into one file.
  8. Remove whitespace and comments from external Javascript resources.
  9. Deflation on external CSS resources.
  10. Attempt to join any external Javascript files into one file.
  11. Deflation on external Javascript resources.
  12. Caching on external CSS and Javascript resources.


It is not currently possible to join and deflate all Javascript at the moment because some are dynamic. Also it is impossible to cache/deflate/compact these files as they lack the neccesary headers. If the dynamic javascript files where given a header('Content-Type: text/javascript'); in each file then the compacter will pick this up and compact, deflate and cache when required.


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  • License: Modified BSD license
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4956
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