invitations v0.2

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Invite friends to the network by email. Useful for communities that are not open to public.

Generates emails containing links with random codes for registering, includes modified walledgarden to enable access to the invitations registering form and the forgotten password pages.


if you get whitescreens while registering (svn rev 2175 and later) go to /mod/invitations/actions/invitationregisteraction.php and in line 53 replacerequest_email_validation($guid);with request_user_validation($guid);

other language files:italian:

Edit:I stopped working on this plugin. If somebody wants to assume this project and enhance, bugfix, develop further, etc: please feel free to do so.


  • @Guy Te: i can't repeat this error here (i use elgg1.1 with some additional plugins and no custom theme). as written above i don't have the time to improve it at the moment. i'm very sorry about this.

    if you don't need the walledgarden feature maybe you want to try the invitefriends or the fixed invitefriends plugin.

  • I'm using Elgg 1.0 because 1.1 was not sending out emails on my server for people to complete the registeration process so I had to switch back to 1.0 and emails go out fine. Does this plugin  require 1.1 like the "invitefrends plugin? I cannot use "invitefriends" since it requires 1.1.   I used this invite plugin since it did not say that it requires 1.1 that I could tell anywhere. DId I miss that? 

    I am hosted on Goddady. Has there been any reports on things not working right on Godaddy's server configuration, also?


    Guy Te

  • I was looking for the standalone walledgarden, but is it in the main panel? I am not sure where to find it...

  • Ok just for your information:

    1. I haven't installed the walledgarden as an additional plugin, so it's not enabled
    2. there's no particular theme I'm running
    3. there's no error displayed, which is weird given the piece of code in mod/invitations/actions/register.php with the if-elseif structure...

    I'm a new user of elgg, so hopefully it's only my problem...

  • @thearch: strange... did you adjust and save settings in tool administration? if the registration link directs you to yourelgginstallation/action/invitations/register?i=id&c=code you should:

    - get an error message and be redirected to home when: code is wrong / invitiation already used or expired

    - be redirected to dashboard/main page without error message when: already logged

    - be redirected to home page without error message when: walledgarden installed

    - get the register form

    any change when you disable walledgarden (invitations built-in)?

  • any change when you disable walledgarden (invitations built-in)?

    no unfortunately not. I see your point about the redirection logic. I am not going to bother you that much, the only thing I would like to ask you is: can you suggest a debugging strategy? For example, if I am testing which if-elseif is triggering the redirection (for example, is it !isloggedin(), is it invitation_expired, etc) which command would display on top of the page some info I need (i.e. echo 'you were redirected because you're already logged in' or echo 'your invitation is expired')? I am not an expert that's why I am asking maybe I can understand where there is a problem and be more specific if there is a bug or only some specific conflict/mistake which could be helpful for other people going forward...thanks!

  • Ok my last comment I if I comment out of the code ALL forward(); in /mod/invitations/actions/register.php it still redirects me to the home page...

  • Debugging result:
    if I add



    echo page_draw(elgg_echo('register'), elgg_view("invitations/invitationsregisterform"));

    it magically works (but displays of course $invitation dump)

  • perhaps a different issue... I've installed the plugin, walledgarden disabled. Invitations get sent fine, email registration link works fine. New user registers, apparently successfully, but then is directed to which is a blank page.

    The new user doesn't get an email (e.g., to validate the email address) and when trying to log in, is told they are not registered.

    Looking at my invitations, the new user's invitation status is pending.

    any clues as to what I can do to fix this?

  • @raz: plugin was developped using elgg v1.0 and some svn version between 1.0 and 1.1 (i guess you are using something newer, like 1.1). please check description on top of this page (white pages while registering and issue with line 53 in /mod/invitations/actions/invitationregisteraction.php). also there is a modified version by tomas which supports user validation by the admin. 

  • Hi, it works fine for me. Emails, registration and confirmation via email, all Ok. But I would like the invitation sender and the invitation receptor become friends once fully registered. It's possible?

    I'm trying a little hack:

    Line 31:

    $friend_guid = (int) $invitation->owner_guid;

    Line 39:

    try {
                    if (((trim($password)!="") && (strcmp($password, $password2)==0)) && ($guid = register_user($username, $password, $name, $email, false, $friend_guid, $code)) ) {

    Any ideas?


  • Ok, I have found the problem.

    We need modify too send.php, Line 71:

    $code = generate_invite_code($_SESSION['user']->username);

    Now it works, (not compatible with friend_request plugin).

  • Hello!

    I use your plugin since some monthes and it is great!

    Now, I am wondering if it runs with the new version 1.5?


  • @gleb

    i didn't follow the elgg development or community properly for a few months now.

    i'm very sorry, but i don't know at all if it works with 1.5 or what changes have been made to the elgg core or plugin interface...

  • So far it seems that your plugin is working fine with Elgg 1.5.

  • I've modified the language file to correct some typos and other wording changes. I've posted my changes in case someone else wishes to use them.

  • I'm using Elgg 1.5 and emails don't go out. Everything else works fine, just emails not going out. Any help? There hasn't been a new version of this plugin since half a year ago.

  • @deralf, are you still working on this plugin?

  • Sorry, but as I'm currently not working with this amazing software no further development or support are planned on this plugin. (No community or social networking jobs in sight and too busy to do it in my free time...)

    If somebody wants to assume this project and enhance, bugfix, develop further, fork, etc: please feel free to do so. I'd really appreciate that.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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