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Release Notes

Invite friends to the network by email. Useful for communities that are not open to public.

Generates emails containing links with random codes for registering, includes modified walledgarden to enable access to the invitations registering form and the forgotten password pages.


if you get whitescreens while registering (svn rev 2175 and later) go to /mod/invitations/actions/invitationregisteraction.php and in line 53 replacerequest_email_validation($guid);with request_user_validation($guid);

other language files:italian:

Edit:I stopped working on this plugin. If somebody wants to assume this project and enhance, bugfix, develop further, etc: please feel free to do so.


  • Thanks, this is a great plug in. Tried and tested, it works great :)

  • Exceptional Job. Backend admin configuring rather than editing code and Interface extends to drop down menu on avatar for admins.

    I'll be reviewing this one soon!


  • Hi, what has changed in this release? I was just finishing a mod of the previous version to include a Yahoo/GMail/MSN contact importer :)

  • That importer sounds brilliant. Had a look at the contact grabber class myself just yesterday, but it's beyond my limits as a coder at the moment. facebook import would be great too! Are you planning on releasing that mod, Dago?

  • nothing important. just a small issue with the restricting rights and admins. when "none" was selected from the mod/infopanel the admins were disallowed too. now admins always can access the send invitations page.

  • Great plugin thank you.

    Just a small typo issue : "New inviation" instead of "New invitation" on menu panel.

  • The thing wih importing form Facebook via fb API, is that they legally don't let you store user information, just the user ID and key, user information only can be cache for max 24 hours.



  • Does this plugin's walled garden function as the standard one in that it prevents rss feeds from all materials except those posted as public?

  • the walledgarden function is copied from the standard version, i just added exception pages to make the inviation register form accessible for non logged in users (and optional permit access to the lostpassword pages and the standard register form if desired). so if the original version prevents rss feeds this one should do also.

    @Steve thanks for reviewing it on your site :)

  • Cool plugin, I'm not sure if all Windows users have to do this but i'm on Vista and I had to delete all the mac file dupliacate before being able to properly upload the mod. Incase anyone else has any problems, you have to delete the 0k files you see lol Thanks tho

  • it works like a charm!!!


  • now there is also an italian translation for this plugin on Italian Support Group:

    Derralf if you want to insert it in your plugin, i thank you:


  • hi invitations do not arrive to emails. have tried both scripts in line 53. any solutions you could offer?


  • I have installed this plugin, logged on as administrator, selected user administration, then selected a specific user (who is not an administrator) and clicked on the red link in the owner block "Allow invitations". I get a message "User is now allowed to send invitations." When I then login as that user, the "Invitations" link is missing from the drop down menu.

    I also notice that if I go into user administration both the "Allow invitations" and "Disallow invitations" are red in the owner block.

    Can you please assist.


  • you have save the plugin settings at least once.

    go to: administration > tool administration > invitations > more info

    and adjust and save settings

  • I have just installed this plugin in elgg 1.0 at my elld\g site. Emails are sent out to the friends but when they click the link, there is no registration page displays instead redirected to the home page. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

  • Great plugin! Thanks!
    I slightly extend functionality with "Validate User" item in admin menu.

  • @tomas: great! i will add your mod in the next update.

  • Hi Derralf,

    I wanted to call your attention to a couple minor issues w/ the plugin. When deleting invitations as an admin, it does not take you back to the "all invitations" screen.

    Have you considered automatically making the invitee a friend of the person who invited him/her (a sort of auto friending)? I think that would be a great addition.


  • @nemits: I have the same problem :-(. Any solution?

  • @nemits @tomas: do you get an error message when redirected to home?

    do you have the standalone walledgarden activated (if so, try to disable it and use the invitations built in walledgarden).

    or maybe it's not compatible to some other plugins or themes? maybe i can do some tests when less busy in my job but that will take a few weeks...

  • I installed the invitations plugin and no emails are going out and emails do go out with ohter plugins.

    I have done the above

    go to: administration > tool administration > invitations > more info


    I have installed this plugin, logged on as administrator, selected user administration, then selected a specific user (who is not an administrator) and clicked on the red link in the owner block "Allow invitations". I get a message "User is now allowed to send invitations."

    The invitation links appear for all users and they can send invitaions out but no emails arrive in the emails accounts multiple domains and accounts.

    I have tried it with and without the walledgarden on in the plugin. I do not run the standalone walled garden.

    I have tried it with the "Friends Request" plugin off, no change.

    Please Help

    Guy Te

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with this plugin. Info:

    1. Enable walledgarden:enabled

    2. other two options:disabled

    When the user clicks the registration link, he is redirected to the main page, where obviously there's no registration link.

    What should I do?

  • Also how do I delete invitations?

  • @thearch:

    invitations can be deleted after invitee has registered sucessfully or after period of validity has passed (can be set in tool administration / invitations / more info). 

    redirected to main page:

    do you get any system message when being redirected to main page?

    make sure the standalone walledgarden plugin is disabled.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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