[Elgg 2.3 & 3.3 & 4.X: Bulk User Admin] v3.3.0

Release Notes

  • Updated for Elgg 3.3,
  • Minimal required version Elgg 3.3.0.
  • Why does it take a long time when scheduling a group of members for deletion, and when I log out of my account, the deletion is not completed?

  • I want to permanently delete unwanted members from the site and from the database because they cause pressure on my site

  • Also, why does this list appear in user stats? Disabled

  • Please update the extension to remove members permanently
    I also suggest adding a filter to search for members by the words they shared or are on their personal page. Thank you

  • The accounts you select for deletion are not deleted immediatelly but are only scheduled for deletion at first. They are put in a queue and are then deleted in a controlled manner triggered by the 1 minute Elgg cronjob to not stress out the server if you have selected a large amount of accounts to be deleted at once. If you have selected a large amount of accounts it can take a while until they are all deleted (also depending how much these account have added as this must be also deleted).

    If you haven't set up the 1 minute Elgg cronjob, deletion of the accounts with the Bulk User Admin plugin won't work at all. The deletion will just not even start if not triggered by the cronjob. In case you can't set up the Elgg cronjobs on your server - AND ONLY IN THIS CASE - you can try out the Crontrigger plugin (https://elgg.org/plugins/2512029). With this plugin you or another user plays the trigger, i.e. it would be necessary for some member to be on the site and be active (e.g. loading a page) as this plays the trigger then. But the Crontrigger plugin is only meant as a fallback!

    If you have selected user accounts to be deleted by the Bulk User Admin plugin and they are queued but not yet deleted they are marked in the user list accordingly. As I explained it might take a while until all accounts are deleted if you have selected a large amount. It might be clever to start with selection only one or a few accounts for deletion at first to see how it works and not try with a huge number right from the start not yet knowing what will happen.

    I think the plugin works as intended. The accounts WILL get permanently deleted. Please try to understand how it works first. As for the time being I have no plans to add further filters because I have too many other plugins I also have to maintain urgently. Any additional work on the Bulk User Admin plugin must currently wait.

  • iionly thank you for your reply
    I added this plugin as you suggested, but an error message appears

    Fatal Error.

    An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information:

    Exception at time 2022-03-30T19:05:40+00:00.

    Also, I tried to set up a cron job but it didn't work
    Based on these sources




  • The error message only tells you when the error occured but not what exactly went wrong. You need to look into the error log file on your server to find out what went wrong at the time 2022-03-30T19:05:40+00:00.

    If the error is caused by the Crontrigger plugin, the only reason for the plugin not working I can think of is that you've installed the wrong version (not suitable for the Elgg version you use).

    Or the error is now caused by something that got executed now due to triggering of one of the cronjobs of Elgg. The job now getting executed couuld come either from Elgg (or one of its plugins) or from another plugin you have added. Without knowing what the error message in the log is nobody can tell.

  • So the best way seems to be the number of cronjobs
    But the problem after I set the settings did not work and I relied on this document https://www.tmdhosting.com/tutorials/elgg/configure-elgg-cronjob.html

  • I don't know what you mean by the number of cronjobs. If you mean that the number of cronjobs you can add on your site is limited you need to add cronjobs for the interval in use (and the 1 minute cronjob is not only needed for the Bulk User Admin plugin but for example also for the Notification plugin of Elgg).

    I also don't know if the cronjobs (or even the user accounts you want to delete) are the only problem on your site - or even the problem causing any major trouble on your site. I tried to explain in my former message already that the error message displayed in the broweser doesn't tell you what's wrong. You need to look into the error log (either Apache error log and/or PHP error log if it's a separate file on your server) to find out what caused the fatal error.

    Before you try "solutions" without understanding what you do and what causes the error in the first place you will make it most likely only worse. And one way to make it worse it to add more 3rd party plugins that might not be compatible with your Elgg version or if your Elgg site already doesn't fully work. Best thing is to start without 3rd party plugins active to see what problems remain, fix these (and only add any 3rd party plugin if it might be necessary to fix a problem you have identified).

  • iionlyYou are correct, it seems that I was in a hurry
    Now I have activated the addition of deleting members at once, and I have selected a group of members to delete, I am talking about a large amount in the thousand
    And when I was unable to activate cronjop, I installed that add-on that you suggested to activate the functions
    And now the site is under full pressure on the server and the site is not working due to the consumption of server resources
    Is this process taking time or what?
    Note that I have deleted this extension from the site extension file

    Databases are doing a lot of reconnection, causing stress on the server

    I restarted the server after that, but the pressure still persists

  • As you suggested in your comment, I stopped the extension and activated it in succession, and the site worked again
    Now he contacted the hosting and told them to activate the functions and they did so, but the addition does not consist in deleting the scheduled members as specified, a member every minute

    I also concluded that if I want to use the add delete members with the addition that you suggested, I need a server to carry out this process one day, is this correct?

  • As you suggested in your comment, I stopped the extension and activated it in succession, and the site worked again
    Now he contacted the hosting and told them to activate the functions and they did so, but the addition does not consist in deleting the scheduled members as specified, a member every minute

    I also concluded that if I want to use the add delete members with the addition that you suggested, I need a server to carry out this process one day, is this correct?

  • I searched and the plugin is now working
    iionly You did a great job
    I look forward to taking my suggestion to add a filter to search for members by words in their profile
    Thank you so much
  • iionly There is something illogical going on, can you help with this?
    After I deleted all the members on the site, the database and memory space are still large, how is this??

  • Now I wasted half an hour to reply to your postings just to see my posting vanish because I took too long.

    So here the short version:

    Shared hosting won't work for an Elgg site.

    The error message in a now no longer visible posting of yours:

    PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1040] Too many connections

    means that your MySQL database installation is not configured to handle the database connections opened by Elgg. You need to alter the my.cnf config file (which you can't on a shared server) for your Elgg site to work (not only Bulk User Admin but probably other plugins and Elgg itself have problems because the server is not correctly configured for Elgg). I think the problem you have is not that the database is too big but it's rather a mis-configured server.

    The cronjobs required by Elgg must be working. The Bulk User Admin plugin needs the 1 minute cronjob of Elgg to work. If this cronjob is not working the Bulk User Admin plugin can't delete any accounts at all.

    The Crontrigger plugin can be used if you can't add the cronjobs on your server. But this plugin won't help you if your server crashes because it can't open new database connections.

    For the problems with your server account you need to get in contact with the support of your webhoster. Think about changing to a VPS hosting plan. Yes, that costs. But there's no other way to host an Elgg site.

    The database only gets smaller if the Bulk User Admin plugin can delete the accounts (triggered by the cronjob). If the accounts are not deleted the database won't get smaller. Even the deletion itself might not reduce the size of your database immediatelly because the log table will probably get new entries about the account deletion. The log table would get cleaned up by an Elgg cronjob, too (if you configured the cronjob of the interval you selected in the Systemlog plugin settings).

  • iionly Sorry if my questions bother you I was just afraid of any problems that might happen
    Now there is no single problem, of course, if you answer all, and thank you for that
    I would like to clarify, if I delete all the enemies via the extension and the database space and disk space are still not reduced, will this take a lot of time?
    Knowing you've created a cronjop on the server

    When I enter the data base, I don't see the number of rows decreasing. I mean, the number of data bases remains the same.

  • I was mostly just frustrated that the reply I wrote before got completely lost and the reply I then wrote is not as detailed as the first one would have been. The frustration was about the site not saving the reply first of all.

    Though you also should try to understand a bit better how an Elgg site works to be able to know what might be the likely reasons if something does not work as you expect instead of asking the same questions again and again.

    As for the deletion of the accounts it can take a long time  of you have a large number of accounts to be deleted. And again: if the 1 minute cronjob is not executed nothing will get deleted at all. How about testing it with one single user? If you can't access the profile page of this account anymore on your site, you know the account got deleted by the Bulk User Admin plugin. It much easier to check this for one account as the deletion of thousands of accounts won't happen at once but will require probably at least several executions of the cronjob.

  • The problem is not now in deleting members. I have counted the jobs and used the extension and deleted the thousand unwanted members already they have been deleted and they are not present in the site stats Now after they have been deleted the file base and the file size are still the same.
    Even the internal database of phpMyAdmin has the same number of Rows as before the deletion process

  • I'm still not sure if you understand how it works. You say you deleted the users but then say that the database did not get smaller.

    If you delete a user account with the built-in delete option of Elgg (e.g. from the hover menu or a user's profile page) the account is deleted immediatelly and the database entries (for example from the entities table) belonging to this user are immediatelly deleted.

    But if you "delete" user with the Bulk User Admin plugin the accounts are NOT deleted immediatelly and therefore the database entries are NOT deleted immediatelly either. This happens via the 1 minute Elgg cronjob and with many users it will take time. I believe you still haven't got the cronjobs working on your site and therefore the accounts will just not get deleted by the Bulk User Admin plugin. Without the cronjobs working it will NEVER work!

    The same with the log table. I explained that also in my previous posting. The log table will also not get smaller without the cronjob working that you selected to be used in the System Log plugin settings.

    Why don't you follow the advice you get and repeat again and again things that nobody suggested to you and then get the same problems again and again? I've now explained to you the same things several times and I think it wouldn't make any sense to repeat the same advice again. So, try what I urge you to do and get the cronjobs working. And if this breaks again your site you need to choose another hosting plan like VPS. And if you can't get it working yourself, hire someone who knows what to do and let them do it for you.

  • iionly Thanks for coming back and thanks for your reply
    As for the deletion process, I already did an experiment by deleting one member and it did the deletion
    As for the members that I deleted, they have already disappeared from the site and from the site members’ stats to their blogs, but as I said, the databases are still large, as well as the space
    I saw your response in the other thread, which recommended that I do the preparations for a week, and I will do this and wait for the result after a week.
    I would really like to thank you for your work to update this addon and the great work you are doing really thank you

  • It's been more than a week and the databases and files are still the same big size. 

    Allow me to explain the problem to you in more detail

    First, I have identified the members I want to delete and have scheduled the members for deletion


    I would like to make it clear that the number of members that I have deleted is large, that is more than 80% of those on the site, which I mean here is that a large part of the database and the rolls they were filling will be deleted.

    I made sure that they were deleted from the site statistics here they are and all their data


    Despite this, neither the storage space nor the database was reduced, and I also noticed that the number of Rows was also not reduced from the database, so the numbers were the same before the deletion process


    I hope that the details that I have added may help in the solution, and if there are any other details that you would like me to share, I will provide it to you.

  • I'm currently on holiday so please leave me alone! I still think that the cronjobs of Elgg are not working on your site either because you've not set them up or because there's an error occuring on execution. Without the cronjobs working without errors NOTHING will work on your site without errors or at least limitations. Don't ask for other solutions if you don't follow the advice given anyway.

  • iionly 


    I verified that cronjobs are working and contacted hosting support and they confirmed that it is working

    Sorry if I bothered you. You are free to help first
    Thanks for everything I've done

  • I have a simple conclusion, it may be wrong or right, I do not know, but I reached it because the number of evidence in the evidence base was not said in any way. Which is that the addition has already deleted the members, but their evidence is still present. Perhaps these topics explain more




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