XMPP Chat Client based on Converse.js

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This plugin allows elgg users to use instant messaging system using the XMPP protocol

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XMPP Client for ELGG based on Converse.js

Pessek Chat is a facebook like chat for elgg using the XMPP protocol. It requires a XMPP serveur. The plugin was tested with ejabberd.



This plugin is a fully featured bridge between elgg and converse.js library, an advanced XMPP (Jabber) chat client for your social networking engine.

Converse.js is an open source webchat client, that runs in the browser and can be integrated into any website.

It’s similar to Facebook chat, but also supports multi-user chatrooms.

Converse.js can connect to any accessible XMPP/Jabber server, either from a public provider, or to one you have set up yourself.

For more information, check out conversejs (https://conversejs.org/)



  • To my WIFE



Full installation process is available here: https://github.com/hermandpessek/pessek_chat

Step 1: XMPP Server Installation

Here is the full guide for installing ejabberd server.

Step 2: Plugin installation and configuration

Enable Pessek Chat in the Elgg plugin administration panel. Fill the required settings.

Step 3: Accounts Migration

To synchronise your Elgg community with the XMPP Server(ejabberd) database run the above page

During the synchronization, the following actions will be performed

  • Your community users will be synchronized with XMPP Server Back-end.
  • Moreover their passwords will be reset and their new passwords will be sent to them through mail.
  • So make sure that your mail server is working properly.
  • You will be automatically disconnected after the synchronization of your Elgg community with the XMPP Server(ejabberd) and your new password will also be sent to you by email as well as a report of the synchronization process.
  • All friendships relation will also be synchronized on XMPP server(ejabberd)


Step 4: After migrating accounts, you must restart your xmpp server (ejabberd)


sudo /opt/ejabberd-19.09/bin/stop sudo /opt/ejabberd-19.09/bin/start

Step 5: Use your new credentials to login. Do not forget to flush elgg cache

Step 6: Configure conversejs

Conversejs provides a lot of configuration settings. You can add or remove some configuration settings by updating the following configuration file. mod/pessek_chat/views/default/js/pessek_chat/converse.init.chat.js



  • When new elgg users are created, they are also created on the xmpp server
  • When a friend request is sent, the corresponding action is performed on the xmpp server
  • When the friend request is accepted, the corresponding action is performed on the xmpp server
  • When the user settings (avatar, display name, password, etc.) are updated, the same action is performed on the xmpp server
  • Full screen chat support



  • Custom status messages
  • Desktop notifications
  • A plugin architecture based on pluggable.js 
  • Multi-user chat rooms XEP 45
  • Chatroom bookmarks XEP 48 
  • Direct invitations to chat rooms XEP 249
  • vCard support XEP 54
  • Service discovery XEP 30
  • In-band registration XEP 77
  • Roster item exchange XEP 144
  • Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline)
  • Typing and state notifications XEP 85
  • File sharing / HTTP File Upload XEP 363
  • Messages appear in all connnected chat clients / Message Carbons XEP 280
  • Third person "/me" messages XEP 245
  • XMPP Ping XEP 199
  • Server-side archiving of messages XEP 313
  • Hidden Messages (aka Spoilers) XEP 382
  • Client state indication XEP 352
  • Last Message Correction XEP 308
  • OMEMO encrypted messaging XEP 384 
  • Anonymous logins, see the anonymous login demo 
  • Message Retractions XEP-424
  • Message Moderation XEP-425
  • Translated into over 30 languages

Don't forget to leave comments and suggestions that will allow me to improve the plugin


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2020-9-5
  • Downloads: 2417
  • Recommendations: 3