Elgg Connect v2019.10.12

  • Hi Per,

    The theme requires "custom_index" plugin. Can you point me to this plugin as there are a lot of similar named plugins or is this something we have to create?


  • No, the theme conflicts with custom_index. So if you want to use Elgg Connect, you cannot enable custom_index - custom_index is included in the Elgg package, it's named Front Page Demo in the plugin list.

  • Ah I see, disabled and now working. Awesome Many thanks. 

  • Hi Per,

    The theme works for me fine except I don't get the landing page. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  • If you have enabled "Restrict pages to logged-in users" under Site settings, you will get the walled garden page and not the Elgg Connect landing page.

    What shows up instead of the landing page?

    Remember to place Elgg Connect at the bottom of your plugin list.


  • The walled garden page is just a login box with a background image. I do get the connect landing page if I remove the restriction of pages to logged-in users in site settings, but I have had some users say they can't type in their password in the login from their i-phones but the problem goes away with the walled garden landing page.

  • Have you checked if your users have the same problems logging in via iPhone on a regular Elgg front page? That is, without Elgg Connect and without Restrict pages to logged-in users enabled.

  • I really want to use this theme, however, it doesn't work. It says "Missing dependencies." as the issue.

    I don't have 'Front Page Demo' activated. Could there be something else messing with it?

  • Ah nevermind. I figured it out. I just need to upgrade my version of Elgg. My hosting has an old version.

  • Howdy.

    Where exactly is this "Front Page Demo" plugin? I have searched the plugins and cant find it. I've typed "Front Page Demo" and "custom_index" in the search bar and "Any Text" box and got zero results. Was this plugin removed? Im trying to figure what it does and why do I need it because it doesnt allow me to customize the index in the aalborg theme. Doesnt seem to do anything. 


  • To find Front Page Demo (Elgg 3.+) go to the admin area where the plugin list is: Administration > Plugins.

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