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2.31.09 (643.41 kB)2019-Jul-23
2.21.09 (643.41 kB)2019-Jul-23
2.11.09 (643.41 kB)2019-Jul-23
2.01.09 (643.41 kB)2019-Jul-23
1.121.0 (643.41 kB)2019-Jul-23
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PhloorFramework was annoying me so "hacked" at it until made it functional for version 1.12.17...

Phloor no longer instantly locks up my servers and is fully operation with the other Phloor plugins that require it. This may function on higher versions of Elgg... Let me try it on v2.3 when have some extra time. Also during this episode, my experiments produced some other formerly  "obsolete" plugins for now being fully functional on my servers. Other Modified "Obsolete" Plugins will be released from these experiments. This is now updated if anyone needs Phloor Framework. Gluck&Skal

Tested & Officially Operational on Elgg 2.3


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-7-23
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