Release Notes

1.1 (2019-04-17):

  • added: mouseover a closed menu will slide open the menu
  • fixed: do not save menu state on mobile

1.0 (2019-03-27):

  • added: keeping first icon panel visible when subpanels open
  • added: mmenu config is now hookable
  • added: saving menu state as a plugin user setting
  • added: settings to control if topbar menu items are moved to site menu
  • added: show full width buttons for menu items without a clickable link
  • added: title is added to every menu item li
  • added: trigger jquery event for menu toggle
  • changed: fetch jQuery MMenu through bower
  • changed: moved account menu section into mmenu
  • fixed: keep icon alt visible in menu items
  • fixed: no backbutton menu behaviour as it creates unwanted sideeffects

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-3-11
  • Downloads: 1245
  • Recommendations: 1

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