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Core Bundled File Plugin Slightly Modified to Play Video Files as well as Audio

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2.32.3 (183.19 kB)2019-Feb-20
1.122.3 (183.19 kB)2019-Feb-20
1.92.3 (183.19 kB)2019-Feb-20
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Credits:  All credit goes to the core team and original author. Some Thoughts: The core bundled plugin already plays audio files, so why not play video? This plugin has a lot of potentials and under utilized.. The image file is viewed through light box. It auto detects file types through MIME Types and assigns icons based on the detection.  To-dos Read actual files such as doc, pdf, txt

Request I would request if someone can figure out how to read files. This will make the plugin complete. Plays audio, video, displays images, detects proper file types and only now if it can read within an iframe. All I did was simply added a "default.php" file in path - file/views/default/file/specialcontent/video

default.php <?php /** * Outputs an video player in full view * * @uses $vars['entity'] */ $file = elgg_extract('entity', $vars); if (!$file) { return; } if (!elgg_extract('full_view', $vars, false)) { return; } $download_url = elgg_get_download_url($file); $mimetype = $file->getMimeType(); echo "<video controls><source src='{$download_url}' type='{$mimetype}'></video>";


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-9-5
  • Downloads: 821
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