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Provides tools to help the use Flush APC and Opcache

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2.32.3 (4.03 kB)2019-Jan-18
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APC OpCache Tools is a Performance Boost Tool. This plugin is an extension of APC Tool by Juho Jaakkola and "Community" Plugins of Elgg Git Repositories. 

APC OPcache Tools is a merge between "APC Tools" and "OpCache" function of "Community" Plugin. This APC Opcache Tools provides following functions:

  • APC Flush Button 
  • APC Statistics Page
  • OPcache  Flush Button

For this tool to work properly following php requirements must be fulfilled In PHP 5.6 +: 

  1. APCu extension must be ENABLED
  2. OPcache extension must be ENABLED
  3. opcache.enable_file_override  extension [DISABLED] * (preferred)

* When enabled, the opcode cache will be checked for whether a file has already been cached when file_exists(), is_file() and is_readable() are called. This may increase performance in applications that check the existence and readability of PHP scripts, but risks returning stale data if opcache.validate_timestamps is disabled.





  1. Update Readme.md
  2. Version Upgrade
  3. Branch Upgrades
  4. Investigate & Resolve APC Function not working with php 7.x
  5. Investigate & Resolve why APC Statistics Page Parameters does not populate as it does when used with PHP 5.4 with apc (apc.so) enabled. Please see the original author's APC Statistics Page - https://elgg.org/plugins/icon/1545357/icon.jpg.




    Requesting original authors, and anyone willing to review and publish a better version. 


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-9-5
  • Downloads: 471
  • Recommendations: 0

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