Turkish Translation for Elgg 2.3.10

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Bundled plugins + a big number of unbundled ones translated into Turkish

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This is a translation pack for the Turkish language, covering the core content and all the bundled plugins for Elgg 2.3.10. In addition, there is a huge amount of other plugins included in the package. If you choose to install any one of these additional plugins, the Turkish translation will be ready.

The translation task was carried out via the Translation Editor plugin for Elgg 2.3.10. In order to install this translation pack:

(1) Install the Translation Editor plugin. (2) Go to your data directory (which should be outside your Elgg installation directory) and you will see that now there is a sub-directory: "translation_editor" (3) Upload the translation pack I provide here into this "translation_editor" sub-directory and unzip it; a sub-directory ("tr") will be created and all the translation files will be under this directory.

Now you are ready to use the Turkish language in your Elgg website.

If you find mistakes in the translation or if you want to make changes / additions, you can use the Translation Editor to do this.

Hakan Gür

English and Turkish lecturer (PhD), certified LMS expert


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