The Wire Website Cards v1.0

  • I recommend this plugin. For those who want to make it look like Facebook Cards you can edit the css file and do some few changes and here is how it should look like.

    Facebook Card


    Hope to post changes here.

    It looks like the image embed on Elgg community does not work. Here is how the plugin looks on activity page on


  • Hi Tom. I'm glad you like it! I'd love to include your CSS as an optional "style" for the cards in the next release. 

  • Hi Ben, I love this plugin.
    I want my page to cache the card data and save the bandwidth when using What should I do?

  • Hi Andrzej,

    Glad you like it! As you noticed, my plugin is doing a request to every time somebody views a post. In order to cache it, I would have to store the information it pulls as a data type in elgg:

    I've added it to my list, but I have some other things I need to focus on before doing another release of this plugin, so it may be a while. I'll definitely keep you posted. If you're able to work on it, please make a PR and I'll be sure to include it in my next release :)

    Support for YouTube videos is also coming :)

    - Ben

  • Thank you! I wait for it.

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