• Hi, can you write a little more to explain what exactly this effects in the site? Does it just alter the times as they are displayed in the User Interface or does it effect the database too?

  • @ura soul This plugin alone does not alter alter the displayed time. It's just kind of a helper plugin. It only adds a user setting to allow each member to set their own timezone (as fallback a site-wide default timezone is set via plugin setting that each user gets assigned at login if they haven't chosen their personal timezone yet). But the output of any times (and neither the input) is influenced in any way by this plugin. But you could make use of it if you have other plugins that could make use of user-specific timezones for output (or input). Of course these other plugins would have to be modified to make use of it. But then you could reply on the timezones plugin on any use-case that might come up in other plugins instead of implementing the handling of timezones separately in all other plugins (including separate user-settings).

  • @iionly - I just came back to this after a long time. it turns out that this plugin actually does change the times displayed by the system as it uses: date_default_timezone_set ($user_timezone); in the start.php file. Seems to work fine so far.


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