Responsive HTML Email Morden v4.0

  • Hi! 

    beautiful plugin! 

    How can i edit the text of the email ? (or of the button GET STARTED) ? 

    I would like to edit also the link related to social icons , where can i found it ?

    Thanks !!!

  • Dear @Tom,

    I am using your plugin on top of HTML email handler Pug  by Jerome Bakker, and wondering if the following can be achieved?  I have written to both of you.

    Here is my scenario:

    I have noticed the address details of Hi5, LinkedIN, and others which are formatted as

    Hi5 <> and the other also follow the same format.

    I have similarly configured the with label as MyHoTFB <> in the mail server, hoping Mail Servers will categorically display  emails  under alphabet (M) over (?), but it didn't work and I realize it has something to do how mails are formatted through plugins like HTML Email Handler, and HTML Email Morden.

    It would be nice to see that (?) disappear. Is there any one have a solution with a solution?


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