[Elgg 2.3 & 2.X: Hammertime] v2.3.0

Release Notes

  • Requires Elgg 2.3.0 at minimum,
  • Initial release,
  • Supports swipe touch gestures right and left to load previous or next page respectively on Elgg item lists (that have pagination),
  • Supports swipe touch gestures right and left to load previous or next image on Tidypics full image view pages.
  • This is a VERY important addition. With mobile usage becoming so popular (personally I am more of a desktop person) and the current Elgg default theme needing some urgent correction in the responsive/mobile theme, Hammertime will be a great, great thing to implement. I am yet to test it and cant wait to do so.

    If there is a bounty page or some sort of $ contribution, it will be great if we all support iionly, as these plugins are constantly updated (unlike many plugins which are dead) and very  useful to run an actual site. Thanks, congrats, kudos !!

  • Excellent! Many congrats to the Developer.

  • I found that after installed it was slow to load images of the tidypics. Elgg 2.3

  • How slow is "slow to load"? Do you have all caching options of Elgg enabled on the advanced settings page? Do you have the latest version of Tidypics installed? Could it be that some other 3rd party plugin slows down the loading (as Hammertime might not work well with it - I simply can't test with all plugins)?


    Hi iionly, I activated and deactivated several actions so I noticed this difference. All caches are enabled. Version tidypics

    Versão 2.3.3
    ID tidypics
    Autor iionly, Cash Costello
    URL https://github.com/iionly
    Direitos Autorais iionly 2013, Cash Costello 2011
    Licença GNU General Public License Version 2
    Localização mod/tidypics/
    Categorias Conteúdo, Multimídia


    I have plugin album link too

  • I can't say for sure if it helps, but upgrade to version 2.3.5 of Tidypics and try again. If it is still slow, check for errors in the error log of the server and check the webconsole of your browser for errors. My guess still is that another plugin might cause the slowness.


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2018-3-25
  • Downloads: 530
  • Recommendations: 3

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