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A sustainability key performance indicator calculator plugin for Elgg.

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The Reuleaux chart calculator calculates the sustainability and a rating, based on the Three-pillar model of sustainability, but can also be useful as a "consensus meter" for other purposes.

The Reuleaux diagram of sustainability  calculates the intersection of three circle entities whose center is on a respective vertex of an equilateral triangle and whose maximum radius corresponds to the equilateral triangle side.  In this case, the areas / entities of the Three-pillar model of sustainability: Socioculture (People / Society) , Ecology, economy. The key performance indicators of sustainability Ideally, the three areas / entities (socioculture, ecology, economics) of the three-pillar model, 100%, meet the requirements of their sustainability The intersection of the three areas is called sustainability in the three-pillar model of sustainability This corresponds to the intersection of the three entities of the Reuleaux diagram, if its intersections all have the same and maximum surface content at the same time, or formulated flapsily, have 100% consensus.

The ratingcode

The rating code is a statement of the creditworthiness that is derived from the achieved sustainability value.  The rating codes of the Reuleaux chart calculator are derived from the rating codes of the international rating agencies, with the difference that not the profit but the sustainability is used as a criterion for the credit rating The percentage of sustainability determines the 22-rating rating code. 


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