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  • Sir,
    I am using this plugin. As per instruction, I added categories in the language file, but changes are not being reflated. I have made many attempts to trouble shoot the problem, but unable to pin point. Honestly the language file is confusing to me, and this why I am not sure if I have added the categories in the correct line / place. 

    It would be very kind of you if you can preciously tell me at what line or reference points the categories should be added. 

    For your review I have uploaded the en.php in file with visibility permission as Public. The BOLD TEXT Areas are where I have added the categories. Could you kindly take a look at it and let me know or comment  what I have done wrong and the correct way?

    The file link is

  • Looks good for me. Flush the caches including OP Cache and reload webpage.

  • @RvR thanks for the feedback. I have flushed and flushed and just made sure no cache but the categories doesn't show up. It does if I put the categories through the front interface. Did you had a time to look at the language file link 

  • Flush the caches including OP Cache

    Clean ALL caches (incl. memcached, Cloudflare cache etc).

    You can delete system_cache and views_simplecache folders in your data directory manually also.

    All works OK. So your issue is related with cache only.


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