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Free Premium Theme, 2017 Edition

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Demo Site: https://eb.hypenia.com/

Demo Account: Username: demouser  Password: demouser


Download latest version from the elgg community.

Deactivate and remove old version of elggbook premium theme

Upload zipped folder and extract to your elgg installation mod folder

Place this theme at the bottom of the plugins list.

Make sure the following plugins are installed and activated before activating elggbook_pro:

Custom_index (named 'Front Page Demo')


hypeWall 5.1.0 and above


Extended Plugins support include: thewire, videolist, event_manager, hypegallery, izap_videos, blog, market, tidypics, iionly's poll plugin, discussion, hypeInterractions, hypeDiscussions, elggx_userpoints, hypeMatchmaker,celebrations and more.

Tested on elgg 2.3.3 only, may work on other versions of elgg. Give it a try.

For bug reports or feature request, please share in my support group at 


or just email me if its easier for you


plus your financial support will be greatly needed & appreciated. Check sidebar of installed theme or click on the Donations link for support details. Thank you and enjoy elgg.



1. Fully Mobile Responsive (No need paying huge sum of money to develop an App)

2. Ready App-sized Icon for mobile phones Homescreen

3. Easy to customize to your look and feel (Join my forum link below for help & assistance)

4. Integrates seamlessly with hypeWall, hypeInteractions, hypeDiscussions, Profile_manager


1. Add Profile Coverphoto

2. Add Group Profile Coverphoto

Dave ONchE

Am a loving person. A web addict. An Explorer.


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