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The theme is aimed at providing a modern, clean and fresh interface Elgg. Integrating new common elements in existing web applications.

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2.22.0 (8.91 MB)2016-Sep-27
2.12.0 (8.91 MB)2016-Sep-27
2.02.0 (8.91 MB)2016-Sep-27
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Elgg professional theme

This theme is focused on providing a modern, clean and fresh interface for Elgg. Integrating new common elements in current web applications. Responsive design is aimed to be usable in other common devices.

General Features

  • Responsive design   
  • New UI design   
  • Fonts and Modern Icons    
  • App style "off-canvas" menus sidebar    
  • Optimization of objects in the river    
  • Avatars rounded icons   
  • Infinite scroll in the river    
  • Preview files in the river    
  • User profile with cover   
  • Expanding url in the river: Showing a preview of website. Including oembed support.   
  • Plugins Settings: choose colors interface   
  • Perfect Integration with BoxHome plugin https://elgg.org/plugins/2551518



Starting today time theme pro version will be available to the community.

Thanks to all members of the community who contributed financially acquiring this version the previous year. An apology for the delay of the update to the 2.0 branch elgg.

All collaborations are welcome on the official github repository.



  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-9-27
  • Downloads: 6259
  • Recommendations: 4

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