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  • New release for Facebook Home  Responsive page is up for grab. Enjoy and leave comments or report any issues. Enjoy the power of Elgg engine.

  • Dear Tom,
    Does the plug-in work with profile manager and celebration enabled? I have these two enabled and when enabled your plug I am unable to register as check box for terms and conditions doesn't appear.


  • Dear @Tom, The plug-in is awesome. It works fine in registering a user. I want to know if the First , Last Name, DOB, Gender selection can actually be camtured and be available in respective profile fields. Yes, I have created the profile fields as per logout page registration input fields but they don't appear to transfer. Can you help?

  • I'll be apprecatite if you will try our https://o.wzm.me/topics/p/v/75977/1987 

    We did this Facebook Theme for 1.9 and will listen how this works on Elgg 2.3

    Attention! Try on localhost only!

  • @RVR, In order for Facebook Theme for 1.9 to work with Elgg 2.3, the manifest.xlm should be updated from





    Also in the Start.php file

    Add the bold lines line inside this function bellow

    function facebook_theme_pagesetup_handler() {
      $owner = elgg_get_page_owner_entity();
      if (!$owner) {
        $owner = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity();


    Then in the start.php file line 152 should be changed from

              //   'text' =>  elgg_view_entity_icon($owner, 'tiny', array(
                      //            'use_hover' => false,
                     //        )),

    TO this:

    'text' => elgg_view('output/img', [
                               'src' => $owner->getIconURL('tiny'),
                               'alt' => $owner->getDisplayName(),



    And then use Facebook when logged out with Facebook Theme. You should be ready for  a test drive.

  • Dear @Tom, I got the first_name, last_name, and birthday to syncronize when signing up, but unable to get the Gender / Sex to work correctly. Could you please advise what should be the correct profile field & label name in Profile Manager for the gender to sync correctly? Currently in profile manager i havw got 'gender' as profile field and 'sex' as label. After registration, user gender data shows up as either 'M' or 'F' instead of Male/Female. BTW, i strongly recommend this multi function plug. Its not limited to user registration. It also checks: Scalable Age < 13 years wont be able to register Username Twitter function Timezone

  • @MyHoTFB.COM , The best way to work with the  Gender / Sex  is to create a  page for privacy control page which you can give a user an option to make their Gender/Sex to be available for public, private, friends, or logged in users. In addition, The date of birth is a big issues for most people on earth including Facebook users. On the same privacy page you should allow users allow Day or month or Year to  public, private, friends, or logged in users. Then after the privacy is set by a user--- the you can extend profile/owner_block.php view by pulling the gender and date of birth on user's profile owner block with the gender and birthday metadata info. This way, your users will be protected from privacy invaders.

    When i was developing the Facebook Home page (when logged out) v1.3.7 I was supposed to do that but got busy with a tight schedule.

  • @Tom, Thanks for your last reply. Sir, I have updated my site to https / SSL and now strangely, when using only using mobile and chrome the login box will not open. Using mobile I can touch the login square box using other browsers fine. I often use dolphin browser from mobile it works like a charm. Its fast and stable. But people normally use chrome for mobile, and I am not sure why this happened particularly after I have setup SSL. Chrome desktop works fine. Microsoft edge mobile and desktop also works fine.

    Could you shed some lights into why this may have happened after SSL setup?

  • Dear Tom,

    Your "Facebook Home page (when logged out) v1.3.7" is an excellent plug that works well on Elgg 2.3.8. Just for your information, and I say this humbly that, this beautiful plug has two problems:

    1. Only the Gender / Sex won't Sync Up with Profile Manager during registration. (I reported this previously to you and I can live with that)

    2. If SSL is implemented, for reasons unknown to me,  login box remains collapsed (using mobile) for all major browsers such as I.E, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Only browser that seems to work is Dolphine 2008. However,this plug works fine (login box will deflate) without SSL implementation and work with all major browsers. I have tested this with same elgg ver and same plugin settings. 

    For your investigation, you can visit http://test.myhotfb.com a non SSL site. The login box opens with any major browsers.

    For comparison, you can visit https://www.myhotfb.com and you will find that the login box remains collapsed (wouldn't open using mobile with all major browsers except Dolphine). Now this is indeed a problem if users are forced to choose Dolphine).

    You have written a beautiful code like poetry, but this second problem is a killer. I hope you can do something about it.

  • Dear Tom,
    I know in past you have given me an answer, but I apologize for asking this same question again. Your plugin  that I am using is working well. There is only one issue during registration that I am still struggling to solve. 

    After completing registration, and validation, all relevant fields sync up with the exception of the "gender" field, which syncs up partially and shows up on User's Profile for the Profile Field "Gender" like  "F" for Female rather than showing "Female" for array value "F" and "M" for Male rather than showing up the value "Male" declared array value "M". 

    For the registration fields, particularly in this case the gender, I have the profile fields set up as followings

    To be precious, the foll screen shot shows how exactly I have configured it in Profile Manager











    Now, as described earlier, when clicked on User Profile, the Profile Manager will show user's gender as "F" or "M", but when click on Edit Profile, I get the option, Female, Male. 
     As I look at ur code, let's start with the start.php

    // Check for gender input options
    	$options = array( 'M', 'F' ); 
    	if( !in_array( $bdate_gender, $options  ) ) { // if Male or Female are not in input 
                         // perform redirect


    downward on the same file (start.php) I see that u hv declared the hooks for gender as

    function fb_forms_register_user_hook($hook, $type, $return, $params) {
    $user = elgg_extract('user', $params);
    $first_name = get_input('first_name');
    $last_name = get_input('last_name');
    $bdate_gender = get_input('gender');
    you have declared extraction
    $gender = elgg_extract('gender', $values, get_input('gender'));

    but its get confusing from this point forward , cuz under 
    File tipo_sexo.php

    $options_values = fb_get_sex_types(TRUE);
    $vars['options_values'] = $options_values;
    <div class="fbSexTypeInput">
    	<?php echo elgg_view('input/dropdown', $vars); ?>

    * above I am not sure why input is as drop down? I am not a coder, just trying to understand cuz we had arra
    File tipo_sexo.php

    $sex_types = fb_get_sex_types();
    if (isset($vars['value']) && !empty($vars['value'])) {
    	$value = $vars['value'];
    	if (isset($sex_types[$value])) {
    		$vars['value'] = $sex_types[$value];
    		echo elgg_view('output/text',$vars );
    } else {
    	return FALSE;

    * the above is understood or I think I may have been able to comprehend 

    in /mod/fb_register_form/views/default/page/layouts
    File fb_custom_index.php

    <div class="gender">
                                           <input type="radio" name="gender" id="gender_female" value="F" <?php if($gender=='F'){echo 'checked';}?> >
                                            <label class="_000 t1">
                                            <span style="margin-left: 10px;">
                                            <input type="radio" name="gender" id="gender_male" value="M" <?php if($gender=='M'){echo 'checked';}?> >
                                            <label class="_000 t1">

    * above u r saying I think I understand what you are trying to say and values are radio option, but not sure what you u have 

    <label class="_000 t1">

    for both Male and Female... I am thinking why for two different values we have a same class type may be its ok.??

    then in function.php file you are saying bellow to check it from a pull down, and

    if ($is_pulldown == FALSE) {

    . for this above line an extra value gets passed to profile manager and it appears as


    •  -------------- empty


    function fb_get_sex_types($is_pulldown = FALSE) {
    	$sex_types = array(
    		'0' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender"),
    		'M' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:male"),
    		'F' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:female"),
    		'O' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:other"),
    		'C' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:custom"),
    	if ($is_pulldown == FALSE) {
    	return $sex_types;

    Now, just wondering if there is an accidental mistake in the code??
    Also wondering if I should have profile Manager Field Type as Pull down instead of Radio ?

    Could you kindly review and advise why I am having issue with this particular field (gender)?

    I know you are busy. You have given us an wonderful plugin to work with. Only now if you could just help us solve this mystery. I would highly appreciate if you could give me a precious instruction on how to solve this problem.

    Also, you have declared  <!-- Add icon library -->

      <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
      <script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

    I was just wondering if I can add following Font awesome  to above so that I can use fa icons in various places

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css"&gt;

    for example use icons: 
    in Password field for login
    fa fa-eye-slash
    <i style="font-size:24px" class="fa">&#xf06e;</i> 

    fa fa-eye
    <i style="font-size:24px" class="fa">&#xf06e;</i> 
    to display typed password and toggle back to hide

    other icons such as 
    fa-female besides the sex/gender registration 

    able to iconize the entire registration form would be great but it is not a priority, the gender field is. 

    once again, thank you for reading and i await for your generous assistance. 


  • @MyHoTFB.COM ®, The sex gender  function was designed to give Elgg users more options when signing up in those good old days --- way before even Facebook thought about including other sex types on their index and profiles.

    function fb_get_sex_types($is_pulldown = FALSE) { 
                    '0' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender"),
    		'M' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:male"),
    		'F' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:female"),
    		'O' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:other"),
    		'C' => elgg_echo("register_fb:label:gender:custom"),

    The main purpose for writing this code was to give users an option to change or update their sex types after or during registration period --- because some users sex type tend to change with time. However, I was not able to finish the project as I intend it to work. And that is why you might be having several unanswered design questions.

    At the moment the code for selecting gender, sending the user's sex type input to the database and retrieving the user's sex type from the database is set or written in the plugin. However, for you to pull those inputs to the users you will have to write a few lines of code to process the information in a form for a users.  However, If you are using Profile Manager, the profile manager might be showing an empty RADIO BUTTON for Zero "0" input for a user that is generated by  Facebook Front Page Plugin.

    When I was designing this plugin, I wanted it to be able to work with or without Profile Manager: I have a theme that I was designing that could work very well with this plugin and could give the users many options to make their profile page as beautiful as the users might wish! The plugin that I can work well with this plugin is called Bio Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme  . I am currently upgrading it to Elgg Version 3.0 Version.

    As for the the class question:

    <label class="_000 t1">

    This class is used twice because if you look at the font size and appearance for gender types (Female and Male), they have the same font size and color. So this class just controls how Gender titles should look like.


    <!-- Add icon library -->

    Yes! we can add more libraries. I used external library to reduce server load especially those websites that are hosted on SHARED HOSTING servers.

    I am trying to squeeze my time so that I can update several of my plugins for Elgg 3.0 releases.

    If you have any question concerning plugins feel free to ask.


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