Release Notes

3.2.1 (2018-10-18):

  • fixed: bar chart should start yAxis at zero

3.2 (2017-11-29):

  • added: option to export poll votes to CSV
  • added: Spanish translation

3.1 (2017-10-04):

  • changed: no longer misuse object/poll view for single poll widget output
  • Sir,

    Could you implement this feature:

    Relevant Poll Integration
    Option to integrate a poll in news, blogs, pages through using the generated code for a relevant poll which would be available through clicking a button like "generate code" and when clicked a pop up window using lightbox will show up, from which we can copy the code and paste it into an existing news, blogs, pages or basically anywhere where ever we have a editor in use.

    I think it would be really cool.  

  • Option to integrate a poll in news, blogs, pages

    We're working on something like that.

Jerome Bakker

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