Release Notes

Some things to consider...

- does not do checks for empty fields yet

- variables are not translated yet (please list all the words that haven't been tagged with EN)

- notification email layout is not made yet

  • The real problem is that the table prefix "elgg" is hardcoded in the code of the plugin in several places. This surely fails to work if your site's database uses another table prefix. First thing to fix it would be to go through the whole code of the plugin and to make the code of all database queries flexible. For example in gcforums/actions/gcforums/edit.php there's the query

    $query = "SELECT *
                    FROM elggentity_relationships
                    WHERE relationship = 'filed_in' AND guid_one = {$gcf_guid}";

    This would have to be fixed by changing it to

    $dbprefix = elgg_get_config('dbprefix');
    $query = "SELECT *
                    FROM {$dbprefix}entity_relationships
                    WHERE relationship = 'filed_in' AND guid_one = {$gcf_guid}";

    Likewise the code of all other custom queries (i.e. when not an Elgg API function is used) need to be fixed to not have any hardcoded table names including prefix. Maybe at least this one error would then be fixed (as I don't use this plugin I can't say if there are others).

  • Sorry, I should be more responsive.
    I'm going to take a look at this module when I get home tonight.

  • I'll do all the things tonight

  • do you plan to upgrade your elgg instance? 

    i'm currently on ubuntu 18, but elgg v1.12 is not compatible with the newest php version.

    i've updated the repo with your changes, in a PR

  • yah so, i have another branch open that contains the latest update up until 2 years ago. fixed a ton of bugs, but there needs to be some manual merging to master branch.

    i think there's a pre requisite plugin rquired but they can be taken out

  • what else was erroring out?

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