Release Notes

First public release of the plugin

1.0 (2016-01-25):

  • added: composer support
  • added: option to add menu items for url-based quicklinks (not entities) chore: plugin code cleanup
  • added: README
  • added: caching to increase performance
  • added: thewire to blocked subtypes
  • added: blacklisted some entity subtypes to not be able to quicklink them
  • added: listing layout
  • changed: js sortable registration to own function for better reuse
  • changed: limited usage to widget only
  • changed: quicklinks supported type/subtype now has a plugin hook
  • changed: title is now also required for a quick link
  • changed icon of add quicklink
  • fixed: some php warnings
  • fixed: using non existing translation key
  • fixed: correctly toggle entity_menu items
  • fixed: groups not showing up in the listing
  • fixed: quicklinks not added to all registered entity types
  • fixed: show correct text if no quicklinks are found
  • fixed: working display limit on menu in widgets
  • fixed: quicklinks are not likeable
  • removed: icon on add quicklink

Jerome Bakker

Developer @ ColdTrick IT Solutions


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2023-12-7
  • Downloads: 2801
  • Recommendations: 1

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