HTTP Combiner v1.1

Release Notes

Adds ability to inline the site default language, and suggests more modules in 2.2.

  • i just got this running for elgg 2.3 and it has made a nice speed improvement on my site. it should be in core!

    it would be great if it would offer optimisation for all of the JS files (and even CSS) and not just the ones loaded by elgg_require_js.

  • strangely though, when i look at the page load speed of my site in newrelic since i enabled the plugin, the network activity time has increased slightly and i think the database activity has too. there is no apparent reduction measured in page load speed there. the site does load pages a bit quicker in my experience though.

  • Request combining won't help with the fact that browsers have to parse all that JS. And now the thread handling elgg.js is pegged longer. The bummer about this approach is that there's no safe way to ship the combined modules async. If we made elgg.js async, require() would go ahead and kick off requests for the resources in the bundle, so you'd still have all the same HTTP requests on unprimed load. The Way Forward is to somehow make the loader aware of which modules are in which bundle, and allowing bundles to be loaded async, too. If you wanna help, start learning how RequireJS works. It's not as complex as I thought it would be.

  • that sounds like an interesting option! i know from previous experience that my site ran the quickest when i manually combined most of the JS files used in the site into one single file, got nginx to heavily compress it and just downloaded it on the first page load - then cached it. this meant that the first page load was a bit slow (thought not insanely slow) and then subsequent loads on the site were very, very fast. it seems that for me, the overhead of transporting and managing multiple files was causing excessive slowdowns.

    the option of packaging bundles together is one i would experiment with though. currently i still have a lot of work to do on plugins and bug fixing my own site - so i can't see me being able to help out on anything core related for a while - especially since i am not overly familiar with that part of the system. if i figure out how to clone myself i'll definitely assign one of me to help out :)


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  • Updated: 2016-7-12
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