River Auto Refresh v1.0

  • Seems to work ok, but if your in the middle of typing a comment or status (wire post) then when the refresh comes around, it refreshes, deletes what you've wrote and awards u with user points (if using the usepoints plugin). Any way around that?

  • @Vextah you would need to add a conditional in the jQuery code. Something like:

    if (object).on('change') {

    stop reloading, add a refresh function once the submit ajax call is submitted 


  • Thanks for the reply, but thats just a little above my head in terms of ability and understanding :/ I wouldnt know where to start... Maybe this could be included in future revisions?

  • Oops, no if needed lol. Yeah, I'd hack away at the code if you want to learn more.

    $(element).on('change', function() { // do said function });

  • Can we submit a bug report to the plugin author? Thanks.


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-12-2
  • Downloads: 915
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