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Color pickers for changing Aalborg themes colors

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2.00.2 (48.47 kB)2016-Jan-06
1.120.3 (48.5 kB)2016-Feb-25
1.110.3 (48.5 kB)2016-Feb-25
1.100.3 (48.5 kB)2016-Feb-25
1.90.3 (48.5 kB)2016-Feb-25
1.80.3 (48.5 kB)2016-Feb-25
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Replace colours of aalborg theme. Choose 2 major colors using color pickers in the setting of encoler plugin. The rest of the colours will be auto suggested.

This source code is also integrated into enRaiser Theme Builder .


Using enRaiser Theme Builder you can Build Your Own ELGG Theme/Plugin in 1 minute instead of installing lots of plugins out in elgg site, because each plugins comes with its own , issues, and bunch of unwanted code. 

Major features

Add new object,with fields

Object category, parent-child relation

gallery view, Payment Gateway

choose colors of your theme

Add site menu, topbar menu Items

Set fields of profile and Group


I am a freelancer Developer focussed on ELGG,JS,Jquery. Node.JS. and ionic framework.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-2-25
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