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Photo Gallery Viewer for tidypics

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A fast tiny slideshow for tidypics.  Automatically watch all your photos in a gallery.  Easily navigate to and from tidypics and Gallery Viewer.

  • Touch Swipe by Finger/Mouse
  • Responsive (scales to any size in real time)
  • Carousel Slider
  • Transitions between slides
  • Mobile Device Optimized
  • Cross Browser/ All Browsers supported
  • Arrow Key Navigation
    • TAB - (Select gallery and allow key navigation)
    • SPACE - (pause slide show / advance slides by one)
    • RIGHT - (advance slides to the right once)
    • LEFT - (move backwards one slide)
    • UP - (enable/disable fullscreen)
    • DOWN (start/stop slide show)
    • ESC (exit fullscreen)
  • Full Screen support
  • Written to use Ajax for fast loading
  • Supports Location information and displays the image location on Google Maps
  • Uses the Photo Title for animated captions

tidypics did not accept any of my changes so I will supply patches to tidypics for those of you who want google maps support:

If you checkout tidypics:master from github and Apply my patch located here:


You will get Google Maps support.  And a few other small tweaks for tidypics.  Once you have my patch applied you need to go into the jssor plugin settings pages and click the link "Update exif data for all photos with gps info (if exists)"


git apply < /tmp/patch

Project Info


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: FreeBSD license
  • Updated: 2015-9-16
  • Downloads: 1741
  • Recommendations: 1

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