Search Advanced v1.1

Release Notes

  • added: composer support
  • fixed: remove the correct pages subtype for search
  • fixed: custom search types do not show up in type selection
  • fixed: layout issues of searchbox and added more control vars to the view
  • fixed: comments do not show up in the results
  • Hi Jeroen,

    How can I enable autocomple for users and tags.
    I'm using also profile manager, and I need to add two profile field next the default search button.
    And i want to make use of the autocomple, userpicker.

    For instances, I have "genre", where the user can insert somthing like rock, hard-core ... and on search field, i want to show the users that mach this using user autocomplete user picker accordion. 

    Using 1.11 version also i have tried fresh install to check this autocomplete, and doesn't seem to work at all.


  • How can I enable autocomple for users and tags.

    There is default autocomplete enabled for user and group search in the searchbox. 

    This plugin merely provides features for search. Different ways for presenting the data is not provided by this plugin. Those changes should be created in your own plugin/theme.

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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  • Updated: 2019-4-18
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