[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Event Calendar] v1.8.1

Release Notes

=== 1.8.1 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • If event's long description is available, display it on event full view page,
  • Cleanup of entity_list view (no longer use deprecated navigation/viewtype view that were unnecessary to be used anyway),
  • Use elgg_is_active_plugin() instead of elgg_plugin_exists() to make sure the helper plugins are enabled before using them.

=== 1.8.0 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • Major code cleanup,
  • Adds upgrade script to convert old handling of personal events (with annotations) to new implementation (handled by relationships),
  • Fixed remaining deprecation issues appearing on Elgg 1.8,
  • Updated to version 1.6.4 of FullCalendar jQuery plugin,
  • Rework of UI: consolidation of breakcrump usage, title and body sections in event's full view and list views, filter menu, sidebar (in short: look and feel should be much more like other Elgg plugins),
  • Getting sending of reminders (when message_queue plugin is installed) to work on Elgg 1.8,
  • Correctly list open events (events with a limited number of spots that still have free spots) on the open events tab,
  • Correctly display html editor (Tinymce) for longtext input fields both with the bundled Tinymce editor plugin and a Tinymce plugin that uses version 4.X of the Tinymce editor,
  • Correctly display share section when adding/editing an event if the Entity Admins plugin is installed,
  • It's now possible to translate the calendar UI (at least the parts allowed to translate by the FullCalendar jQuery plugin),
  • Uses default userpicker instead of custom one,
  • Support of index page and group profile page widgets (for use with Widget Manager plugin),
  • Adds German translations,
  • Adds Spanish translations (thanks to Yaco),
  • Adds Finnish translations (incomplete),
  • Adds Japanese translations (incomplete),
  • Adds French translations (incomplete).
  • Hello to all

    Is it possible to add an image to the event???


  • @LinuxT You can embed images within the long description that you have either uploaded to the Files section of your site (bundled Files and Embed plugins need to be enabled) or you could embed images that are available on other websites using the Add image option of the editor.

  • Hi everyone,

    I´m currently experiencing some issues using the calendar from groups. If I enable the option no (but admins or group owners can turn a group calendar on if desired) when I click over the link to access the calendar, I get a 302 redirection to the homepage.

    If I choose yes (but admins or group owners can turn a group calendar off if desired) it works. Any idea about what it could be the problem?

    The destination url is the same for both options


  • @CLiFFF Something seems not to work as intended with these plugin settings indeed. I'll have to look into the issue to fix the different cases possible (depending on the state of the corresponding plugin settings).

  • Thanks for the answer @iionly I was thinking that it was my fault, but now I can see that the plugin needs some fix. I´ll try to search the bug, but as you know better than me the sourcecode, please let me know if you fix it. Meanwhile, I´ll disable this useful option.

    Thanks again


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-26
  • Downloads: 6422
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