[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Event Calendar] v1.10.1

Release Notes

=== 1.10.1 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • Cleanup of entity_list view (no longer use deprecated navigation/viewtype view that were unnecessary to be used anyway),
  • Use elgg_is_active_plugin() instead of elgg_plugin_exists() to make sure the helper plugins are enabled before using them,
  • Naming of actions on notification sending more user friendly in case someone registers a prepare hook for them,
  • Increase width of labels section on event edit page,
  • Change usage of input/dropdown to input/select,
  • Deliver notifications in recieving user language,
  • Improving manage subsribers page: Fixes positioning of the calendar toggle buttons (thanks to Juho),
  • Improving manage subsribers page: Toggles between Add to/remove from calendar buttons when clicked (thanks to Juho).

=== 1.10.0 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • Requires: Elgg 1.10 or newer,
  • Fixed deprecation issue newly introduced with Elgg 1.10 (deprecation of output/confirmlink view).

=== 1.9.0 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • Requires: Elgg 1.9,
  • Updated code for sending of notifications to new notification system introduced with Elgg 1.9,
  • UI adjustments for Aalborg theme (still works with default Elgg theme),
  • Code updates to reflect API changes of Elgg 1.9 including fixing of deprecation issues newly introduced by Elgg 1.9,
  • Don't show sidebar menu entries for managing event subscriptions and requests if user has no permission to edit the corresponding event,
  • Updated to be compatible with Widget Manager plugin for Elgg 1.9

=== 1.8.0 (iionly and Juho Jaakola) ===

  • Major code cleanup,
  • Adds upgrade script to convert old handling of personal events (with annotations) to new implementation (handled by relationships),
  • Fixed remaining deprecation issues appearing on Elgg 1.8,
  • Updated to version 1.6.4 of FullCalendar jQuery plugin,
  • Rework of UI: consolidation of breakcrump usage, title and body sections in event's full view and list views, filter menu, sidebar (in short: look and feel should be much more like other Elgg plugins),
  • Getting sending of reminders (when message_queue plugin is installed) to work on Elgg 1.8,
  • Correctly list open events (events with a limited number of spots that still have free spots) on the open events tab,
  • Correctly display html editor (Tinymce) for longtext input fields both with the bundled Tinymce editor plugin and a Tinymce plugin that uses version 4.X of the Tinymce editor,
  • Correctly display share section when adding/editing an event if the Entity Admins plugin is installed,
  • It's now possible to translate the calendar UI (at least the parts allowed to translate by the FullCalendar jQuery plugin),
  • Uses default userpicker instead of custom one,
  • Support of index page and group profile page widgets (for use with Widget Manager plugin),
  • Adds German translations,
  • Adds Spanish translations (thanks to Yaco),
  • Adds Finnish translations (incomplete),
  • Adds Japanese translations (incomplete),
  • Adds French translations (incomplete).
  • Hi,

    Any way of importing iCal .ics files into event calendar ? 

    There seems to have been some supporting plugins in the past, but none work with this update...

    Event calendar ical : https://elgg.org/plugins/1140519

    iCal import/export (events): https://elgg.org/plugins/796431

  • @Juanduino I have to admit that I'm not familiar with these two ical plugins - haven't even known of their existence until now. I will have to work on the Event Calendar plugin soon anyway to make it working on Elgg 2.0. Maybe I can take a look at these ical plugins, too, then. As the Event calendar ical plugin is written by Matt who is still very active here in the community there might be an update for it released by Matt himself. I just asked him about that. Once I'm done with updating both iZAP Videos and Tidypics for Elgg 2.0 I'll get to work on the Event Calendar and Event Poll plugins again. Let's see if this might involve updating any ical plugin, too.

  • Thanks!

    Here are some thoughts for future development. I gather from your activities that you are busy with porting and the likes, but this just might give the 2.0 some punch for the word wide community. 

    Im developing a small application for my class, since our view of timetable is so outdated that i simply could not. So have been looking at the old system and been talking with our teachers about what is essential for a backend solution for the overall logistic of planing classes for a educational institution. Academies, universities and the rest. I know elgg in many ways can suit alota cool and wicket aspect of education. Sharing and communicating knowledge. Just one key ingredient is missing. A way for teacher/proffesors to book/create classrooms when signing a event/class... Which is connected to the entire staff´s calendars in order to not double book anyone or anywhere. Finally there should be a good and easy way of viewing statistics concerning the whole lot for admins. ( For each teacher/professor, hours/courses/classes held )

    One final note: For the system to have Eminence. Teachers/professors should be able to create a folder for a class/group where one can deliver documents in timely manor. And there you have it;)  

    A online educational ecosystem/knowledge sharing portal / You name it / Elgg 2.0


  • @Juanduino The ical import/export is possible with the new release now. Next thing for me to do is continue porting my plugins to Elgg 2.0 (including the Event Calendar plugin). Then I might need some time for some private projects. So, I can't work on adding more features to the Event Calendar plugin in the foreseeable future.


  • Category: Events
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-26
  • Downloads: 7600
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