[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Event Poll] v2.0.0

Release Notes

  • Updated for Elgg 2.0 (therefore should also work on future Elgg 2.X versions).
  • Just installed this on 2.1.1 and started toying with it.

    I have a question - I created an Event Poll, set several time options (filled every field in except the long description), and then invited 2 other "members", one of which I'm friends with and 1 I am not.

    The Friend can respond to the Poll. The Non-Friend receives the message in their inbox, clicks the link and sees "


    There is no such event or you don't have the right to edit it.


    The user that created the poll sees the response from the friend and also sees


    These invitees have not yet responded:

    (insert non-friend user here)


    I currently only have a site-wide calendar option on the poll (my guess is because the Event Calendar is only setup with just that one at the moment for simplicity sake).

    I'm not seeing a permission level setting that might be interferring - not that it isn't there, just blind to it! Any suggestions?

  • @Pete Lakatos

    My guess is that you have selected "Friends" as access level for the event entry the poll belongs to. Therefore only friends can access the event entry as the event poll inherits the access level from the event.

    Unfortunately, there's no check (yet?) to restrict the members you can add to an event poll depending on the access level of the event. Instead you would have to take care yourself when creating an event poll to only add members that can also access the event entry (i.e. friends only or group members if you create a group event). I'll have to see if I can improve this part of the plugin to check already on poll creation if the invited members are allowed to access the event.

    For the group event calendars you would have to enable this option in the Event Calendar plugin settings. And you might also have to enable the group calendar in the group settings if you haven't selected the group calendars to be enabled by default.

  • @iionly

    Thank you. I will go at it again paying more attention :)


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  • Updated: 2017-11-5
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