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Modern, clean and fresh interface for Elgg

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1.121.5 (946.22 kB)2015-Oct-07
1.111.5 (946.22 kB)2015-Oct-07
1.101.5 (946.22 kB)2015-Oct-07
1.91.50 (947.37 kB)2015-Oct-07
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Responsive design is aimed to be usable in other common devices today.

General Features

  • Responsive design
  • New UI design
  • Fonts and Modern Icons
  • Implementing app style off-canvas menus and sidebars
  • Optimization of objects in the river
  • Avatars rounded icons
  • Infinite scroll in the river
  • Preview files in the river:
    • Includes preview images with support of gif
    • Web player for audio and video content.
  • Integration of embed.ly/cards for url's in the wire and bookmarks, preview in river.

Demo: http://socialnet.fernandovega.mx    user: demo  pass: demo123

Report issues: https://github.com/fernandovega/time_theme/issues

You can now also download the professional version of the theme for free.


*Some images are of the pro version



  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-9-27
  • Downloads: 6962
  • Recommendations: 17

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