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Displays a cookie warning to your visitors

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2.11.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
2.01.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
1.121.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
1.111.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
1.101.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
1.91.1 (89.42 kB)2016-Jun-21
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This plugins ads a cookie warning header to your website.

Activating is enough to get it working but if you want to display a custom message there is a user friendly settings page where you can edit the wordings of the message/buttons or where you can add a 'learnmore' link where you can give more info about you cookie policy.

When the plugin settings are left blank it uses a standard message which can be translated or edited in your language files if you wish.

It uses the default 'elgg-button-submit' for the button, but all is styleable as you wish in the css file of the plugin.


For changes in the settings to take effect, flush you cache. Your cookie will be reset as well and when you visit your site, you'll see the updated message.


Uses the Silktide Cookieconsent2 script


Graphic Designer, with a great Elgg hobby idea and working on this idea for too long now. Time to get it finished I think :)


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-6-21
  • Downloads: 1180
  • Recommendations: 6

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