Mobile Disable CKEDITOR v1.9

  • @polymak977 You say you love web programming. Really? Many days ago I asked you to update a plugin, but you were busy I guess. I request you to please update 2 plugins which I am sure lot of members need. 3 column river activity and suggested friends for 1.9. Currently 1.8 version is available. I hope you will do something about it. Suggested friends can be suggested people to follow. I guess there is no such plugin yet in the community.

  • @Umair Ali 

    Why, you make me for something that I need to know ?. If I share my plugins for this community because I love this community and all my plugins are free. if you need to design a plugin according to your need, take the time to read the tutorial and program your Elgg Elgg plugins. Please It's true that I like programming and web in a few days or months, I would not have the time to share my plugins, because I have to focus on the occupations of my life and my future. a little respect for your phrase: "You say you love web programming Really.?".

Polycarpe MAKOMBO

Informaticien et Développeur


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