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export/import sequence of plugin, and their activation state into CSV file

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Import and export plugins activate state and priority.

you can use this plugin to backup your plugins activation state and sequence.

and then restore same in you server, or other server also.

(1)First Activate Plugin in Plugin Setting.

2). Export New file:

    step one:  Goto Admin then submenu Enplugman and then Export

    step two:  The file export and also downloded with link.it is the current plugin setting (priority,activation).

3). Import New file:

    step one:   Goto Admin then submenu Enplugman and then Import

    step two:   This file change your plugin setting  (priority,activation) with accoring to the uploaded file.


I am a freelancer Developer focussed on ELGG,JS,Jquery. Node.JS. and ionic framework.

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  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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