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  • is it possible to add color by code i mean for example if i want to add #111 istead of black??

  • No it is not possible in this version.

  • This would be nice as part of the core, including perhaps a small logo in the top left. It would solve a lot of the same questions being asked of how do I change the color etc.

  • it wont work on 1.9 , its for 1.10 +++

  • Great to see ThemeDesigner reincarnating as Themer, thank you for this handy tool

    To start with a minor thing, would it not be more appropriate to have the settings under Configure/Appearance or Plugin/Settings, rather than Utilities?

    I have installed a brand new 11.1 version to test Themer which is the only non-bundled plugin. I was not able to fully test due to some issues. Maybe you could help:

    I am having problems with the images. Whether it is header, logo or background image, it just does not show after saving (tried in both disabled-cache mode & also with manually flushing). The thing is, it has worked in the very beginning. I wonder if something went wrong when I pressed the reset button on the plugin settings. Some other settings (header height, some colors etc) work.

    Any ideas?.

  • @Arsalan Shah  Congratulations for the good job with OSSN (opensource-socialnetwork). Right abstraction to give smooth user experience. Very handsome FB like theme presenting things in a professional looking way. It is beyond me why Elgg does not have a similar theme. I know, currently OSSN is with basic functionality but when Wordpress started, there were already advanced CMSs. But it won with its model. You never know :-)

    Have you coded it from scratch or based on some other engine like Elgg?

    Best Regards.

  • That's a lot of pluses @Sathish lol

  • @İşöğüçı, when you press reset it only reset settings except uploaded images, reset does't mean that it will revert to original theme, there are few things which still exist even, so its better to disable plugin instead of reset.

    About Ossn, yes i wrote it from scratch., few of the things you will see similar to elgg, in code. I am working on v3.0 with new theme and other new features.

    I'll test themer again and will ping you back!


  • @Arsalan Shah Thanks for the reply. I did not expect pressing reset to switch back to original state of Aalborg. I mentioned it only because it might have triggerred the issue I am having with images. I'll be awaiting your ping. Thanks. As for Ossn, if it is working as in the demo right out of the box, it is really bad news for PHPfox. I wish a basic-Elgg with such limited but well integrated functionality existed.

    Has anybody else share experience with Themer on 1.11.1?

  • @İşöğüçı, i have tested it again, header and site background images are working fine. Make sure you have selected image option from drop down , where it says 'Header Image/Color'.

    Yes , It is bad news for PHPfox ^_^, its like getting 300$ phpfox for free, with similar features.


  • @Arsalan Shah Indeed. I can confirm that it works as specified. Thank you!  Your plugin is very useful to customize Aalborg and still keep all its advantages (responsiveness and compatibility with other plugins)...

    When/if you have time to make another version in future, if you could consider allowing specification of colors also by codes as mentioned by naughtyboy, as well as maybe moving "Header Image/Color" and "Header Color" fields closer to each other in the settings. And also maybe the position on the Control panel as I mentioned earlier.

    BTW, Is there a way to set selected menu item color and the color for the right and left of the menubar?  i.e. When I modify the "Menubar background", is there a way to still assign a different color to the "current" menu item? (like that light blue color over dark blue as in Aalborg). Also, that dark blue line in Aalborg goes all the way but menubar background color changes only where menu items are.

    Anyways, thanks a lot. This theme is even better than the Theme Designer!

  • @Jaqueline

    Hi, can you give more specific info?

  • yes, after trying to activate it returns me the information in my version 1.10 will not work, and I can not activate it, it says it works only in version 1.11

  • Change the required version to 1.10

  • Works fine with Elgg 1.12.3.

    There might be a issue with displaying site logo image on mobiles. It might be to do with the size of the 'site logo image'. In my case, when the width of the header image was larger than 320pixels (tested 350px), it would distort the homepage (with widget manager widgets etc) on mobile view. It might be to do with the relative size compared to the header image.

    Just to mention; on maintenance mode, the Site Logo Image is centered. Otherwise left aligned.

  • Greeeeattttttttttt themer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 5 recommend? what a shame

  • Nice work. But what is really missing  is the option to add color by code (e.g. #000).

    So it's very hard to use it in some cases like when community logo is already available


  • Work not on Elgg 2.1.0.


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