Embedly cards for Elgg v1.9

  • Very nice! But I have some problems with the german umlaut "ü". It is shown as \\u00FC

    Like "read more at" it says "lesen sie mehr darüber", but instead it shows "lesen sie mehr dar\\u00FCber" which does not look sooooo good

  • The rendering for that is entirely controlled by the embed.ly script - there's nothing the author of this plugin can do for that.  You'll need to direct your request to the embed.ly support team.

  • Thank you, Matt (a little late, I know). I am trying to find out how to use the social sharing buttons of those cards in a better way, e.g.: I pasted a link to the wire and I get a card that shows a nice preview of that site I linked. Additionally I get those social sharing buttons on the right hand side of the card.

    Nice idea, but:

    If I want to share that card to let's say facebook I do not get any picture shown on the cards there. So there is probably the data-card-image attribute missing somewhere. And - what is even more annoying - the Link just brings the visitors to the top position of the wire, not to the article/previewcard itself, that I was trying to share. 

    Is there a better way of sharing content to social media which will bring visitors directly to the content I intended to share?


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