Release Notes

  • Updated for Elgg 2.2
  • FIXED ~ the float-to-the-right menu
  • NEW ~ Option to have a different height image on the inner pages

Please test and give feedback ~ Thank You.

  • EasyTheme2 has been updated and now works with Elgg 2.2

  • Requires Plugin: custom_index


    error installing missing dependencies

  • Hi, "Custom Index" is now called "Front Page Demo". So, activate "Front Page Demo" in the Plugin list and that should fix your problem.

    (Note: EasyTheme2 usually opens the settings page on activation but if you are using Elgg 2.3.0 there appears to be a problem with this action.  After activating EasyTheme2 you need to open - and save - the EasyTheme2 settings page before the theme is properly activated.)

  • Hi,

    It is a great theme thanks. One question, I need a contact form, do you know how I can fix that for this theme?

  • The theme has been designed to work well with other plugins so if you can find a contact form plugin it should work fine.

  • I installed this theme on my localhost test station and I am looking to add my own logo to it instead of the text title. How can I do this? Also why can I only change the header links to white or black? The color scheme I would like to use would need some other color to really blend in.

    I tried other themes, but for whatever reason none of the changes I did in css.php files showed any difference. I wish I knew how to really work on this engine to make it unique for my needs. So far I use pre-designed themes and none really sit well... I am using the elgg 2.3.3 version and many themes are not written for this version yet. How can I make my elgg unique for my own use? I don't want to look like every fresh out of the box elgg installation. 


  • You can change the header links to whatever colour you wish (I don't remember why it says 'white or black', any colour works).

    To add a logo: Open "/mod/easytheme2/views/default/page/elements/header_logo.php", you add the logo code somewhere around line 28, where you will find example code in the comments.

    The way to change the css in EasyTheme2 is unique to this theme. Open "mod/easytheme2/actions/easytheme2/save.php" . The css starts at line 75. After your edit, you will need to go to the bottom of the EasyTheme2 settings page and "save" the settings before you see any change in your theme.

    In general (not relating to this theme) If you are having problems seeing code changes, do you have the cache on? (admin dashboard > configure > settings > advanced settings)

    I hope this helps.

  • Hello, 

    your Theme requires the plugin "front page demo" But I can't find it under plugins. So I can't install the theme either. Can you help me please?

  • "Front Page Demo" comes installed with Elgg and is found in the plugins list (in the admin section).

    In older versions of Elgg it was called "Custom Index" and it is still called that in the mod directory.

    "Front Page Demo" and "Custom Index" are the same.

  • Hello,
    this is a very good theme
    but the option
    [4] Forms
    Show Log In and Register Forms on the front page?
    is disabled by the option of the advanced parameters
     Restrict pages to registered users
    Allow the site to function as a private network. This will prevent unconnected users from viewing the site pages other than those specifically specified to the public.
    is it possible to correct this problem
    and also add a parameter for
    have first the registration form with the option of the connection rather than the reverse
  • Sorry jmperu, I don't fully understand your question.

    The forms in EasyTheme2 do show when the site is set as "Logged In users only" - but they behave slightly differently. The register form isn't visible but the "register" link is still there. Is this what you mean? It's maybe caused a setting within Elgg itself?



  • I think I may have a solution for you. Please message me your email and I will send you the files to try.

  • thank you for your rapigity to answer
    1) on smartphones one can not have both connections and recording as on pc
    2) what we were trying to do is first the registration page and not the login page is what it is possible
  • This might help?

    To make register form visible on mobile view:
    lines 145 to 147  

    display: none;

    replace with:

    background: #eee;
    min-height: 450px;
    margin-bottom: 50px;


    To make login form invisible:
    In same file (index.css)
    Line 56

        background: #eee;
        min-height: 450px;
        margin-bottom: 50px;

    replace with

    display: none;}


    To swap order of login and register forms (with both forms visible):

    swap register form code (lines 65-70) with login form code (lines 32 to 35)

  • Hello,
    where you can change the size of the right column so that the rest of the information has more room
    for example an iframe that could be completed while there we have a horizontal scroll bar
  • Hello,
    I have just made the changes you gave me for easytheme2
    for inverted recording and identification
    but now I have neither one nor the other
    I can not identify myself even by handing old files
    how to take the hand to remove the plugin that blocks everything
  • @jmperu I have emailed you the edited files.

  • OK
    I was able to have access to the recording but how one does if one is already identified
  • I don't think I have understood your question.

    You should have both the registration and login forms, in that order (although you might be seeing a block of text between them?)

    If you are already logged in, there is no need for either the 'login' or 'register' forms - so they disappear.

  • Hello,
    thousand apologies the plugin was disabled
    how to decrease the width of the 2
    modules on a smartphone that overflows the screen
  • Hello,
    is it possible to put the 2 identifications one beside the other on pc or tablet and that on smartphone they are one below the other
  • The changes you want to make to the index page are possible.

    You will need to edit the css in  the file: easytheme2/views/default/resources/index.css

  • Hello,
    thank you for your quick reply
    but I do not know anything about css
    you can tell me more
    ie to give me the modifications
    to perform
    thank you in advance
  • Hello,
    about easytheme2
    I have a display problem on the registration part when you want to register on a smartphone while the login part is correct
    can you give me indications to refocus this part to put it in the same part of the login part


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