Cover photo for Elgg v1.12

  • I'm new to elgg. I hope I'm putting this in the right place.

    I love the idea of a cover photo (and other ways users can style their profile pages), but I've run into some problems with the cover photo plugin.

    If using the widget manager plugin for the index page, the cover photo placeholder shows up on the index page along with a question mark in the profile pic space. Help  pages made with the widget manager shows the same. Groups also have a space for the cover photo. However, there is no way to upload a cover photo for those areas as far as I can tell.

    Is there a way to upload a cover photo to those areads that I am missing or is there a way to block those areas from showing the placeholders?


  • não funciona no elgg 1.10

    even with the plugin: Facebook Timeline Theme 1.9 enabled it returns the error

    overrides the user photo image and the cover image.

    Reprovado na 1.9: elgg_register_entity_url_handler está obsoleto. Use o gancho plugin no \ ElggEntity :: getURL ()

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