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Apply custom CSS and JS right from the browser

by Cim
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1.101.10 (8.01 kB)2015-Mar-27
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Have you ever wanted to apply some quick CSS and/or JS without opening additional apps just to do one simple thing? Then this plugin is for you! Customizr allows you to conveniently modify your Elgg site's look and feel without leaving the browser. Try the live demo below to check it out in action.



  • Unobtrusive UI
  • Preview before saving
  • Flush cache without going into admin panel
  • Ace code editor
  • Your codes are saved into the database


  • After clicking save, you must flush cache for changes to show for non-admins and non logged in users 



Creator of Demyx


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-1-7
  • Downloads: 611
  • Recommendations: 2

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