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Give users a tour of your Elgg site

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2.31.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
2.21.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
2.11.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
2.01.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
1.121.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
1.111.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
1.101.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
1.91.0-alpha4 ()2015-Jun-22
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Allows creating page specific feature tours that introduce your site's features to new users.

This plugin is still work in progress so do not use it on a production site.

Allows attaching information to specific page elements using either id or class of the target. Information without a target will be displayed in the center of the screen.

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2017-9-30
  • Downloads: 1758
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