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This plugin was tested only with elgg 1.8 version. In case of any issue let me know

  • This plugin was tested only with elgg 1.8 version. In case of any issue let me know. For more information about Elgg Cover Photo plugin read the discussion on this address    https://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1856576/new-elgg-cover-photo-plugin

  • nice idea. i am testing in 1.8 here and see several bugs:

    • both images i uploaded produced an error message "resize of the timelineavatar failed"
    • the edit page for the cover image needs to be layed out more clearly (at least with my theme) since the image that is uploaded is overlapping the other form elements.
    • there needs to be a button added to the profile for 'edit cover image', like there already is for avatar images.
    • hiding the main site header block means that my site's logo is not shown any more on profiles.. maybe you could add a way for the superadmin to paste an image url into your plugin so that the option exists to overlay a main site logo on top of the cover image?
  • ura soul , the next version should address all of your concern.  For the error message "resize of the timelineavatar failed" is not actually an error. I forgot to comment it out during the plugin development. I was just using that warning to test if all 6 images were being resized properly. For now you can comment it out or ignore the warning. The main message should be success message with a green color bar. Thanks for point it out though.

    Once all the most of the issues are cleared, This plugin should also handle groups cover photos.

    Thanks once a gain for testing it out and feel free to bring up any issue you might be having.

  • Please release a working version for Elgg 1.9.x
    We have left behind Elgg 1.8 :)

  • @  dranii  ,  Thanks for your concern. I will be working on the Elgg 1.9.x in a few days from today. My schedule was extremely busy for the last few months.  I wrote the code for few days that I had free time. I will update it to the newer version and add more features for both admin and the elgg users.


  • @tom cool.. nice work .. finally you release beta :P



  • You have just concretized my dream @ Tom (GUYS), the thing that me unsuccessful for my users of elgg it is your plugin Elgg Cover Photo v1.8.  
    My sincere acknowledgments  
    It is true that you are  enthusiast Elgg

  • @ Polycarpe MAKOMBO , feel free to test it out and hope the next versions will be even much better.

    If you have any concern or questions feel free to ask.

  • @ Polycarpe MAKOMBO , I am posting this using a cellphone. Elgg css seams to be broken but hope my comment has answered some of your questions.

  • @ TOM, Thank you my brother, I feel free to test it and we hope for the next versions that will be improved. Courage and Good work.    
    If I have questions some I would be very happy of you to ask.

  • @ Polycarpe MAKOMBO, You are welcome my brother. Enjoy the power of elgg engine...

  • I would be totally okay with the fact that it wipes out my site logo.  But in my theme, it also wipes out my entire menu as well.  LOVE the idea.... and I would LOVE to see the next version.  Because this is SERIOUSLY what my members would love! I mean, dude... they would eat it up!  GREAT concept, my friend.  I'm keeping a close eye on this one for version 1.8.  Thanks! :-)

  • Mr. @DAVID You are right, same problem at home also, My brother @ TOM (GUYS), will make us a version that won't erase anymore nor the menu, nor the logo of elgg by default.  
    Be patient because @ Tom is liveliness to improve the new version COVER PICTURE

  • @ David111567 , Thanks for your input. The next version of elgg cover photo should address your issue. My Initial plan for developing elgg cover photo was that, I was trying to make the cover photo just to process the profile photos and blog cover photos so that who ever wanted to use the cover photo could just call the functions for certain sizes of cover photos of elgg users for diffrent themes. There is a new elgg timeline theme on development just like facebook timeline pages and hope using elgg cover photo with elgg timeline theme for elgg will make use of this plugin efficiently. Mean while, the profile page is being used to show how the final cover photo image should look like.

  • The kid is cute :)

    It will be great if cover photo can be applied on User Profile in any theme in a 'responsive' display.
    Can this be also used as cover photo for Blog like Wordpress? Or maybe a separate cover photo for user profile and blog - that will be even greater!

    Cannot test this, as it is 2 versions behind - it is  Elgg 1.9.x now, and already Elgg 1.10.rc has been released. Wishing that you update soon.

  • @ disha, Thanks. The baby is my son. The next version of elgg cover photo will work on any theme and it will be reponsive.

    The next version will be also used as cover photo for Blog like Wordpress.

    I hope to update and add more functionalities so that elgg 1.8 and beyond can benefit from elgg cover photo features.

  • Thanks Tom. Does this plugin create a new database table to store photo/photo information?

  • Thanks for your response.  This will be awesome.  I see an incredible amount of potential, here.  Thanks, again.

  • @ disha , elgg cover photo does not create new database. Any information for elgg cover photo is stored in elgg metadata. If you want to see the converted or stored images or photos for users you can open the data folder or file of your elgg site and look for a folder called coverphoto - all the elgg photos are stored there.

  • Off Topic:  Tom.... Happy Holidays to you and yours, man. Cheers.

  • Hi @Tom great plugin, I´m looking for a cover image solution sice a long time. I´ve installed your plugin but I lost the site menu and site logo, do you have in mind a new release soon?. Is it valid for groups?, I cant update the groups cover image. 

  • @ Javier, I have been busy lately. However, I hope to release new versions soon. "The bad news is time flies.The good news is you're the pilot."     -- Michael Altshuler

  • @ Hello Thomas ONDIBA, just I had develop this plugin for the version Elgg 1.9 and the thing to walk well, except that at the time of the page groups that has a little problem for the display the photo of the cover, to the tie to display the photo of cover on the contrary the picture of the group that displays as well as his/her/its photo of blank cover.   
    2. Mjomba (oh! Swahili, my maternal language, while meaning UNCLE) poster in big size and I changed by Shangazi (Aunt) for the good disposition and display in a good cover.  
    There is not middle to disactivate to the level of the display page groups, for is not cause this problem?  
    Here is the problem cover photo at the time of the page groups.  

    It is for this reason that I have disactivate for my site web while waiting again for the new version or the apparition plugin in this community. the science asks for complementarity for the progress.  
    Thank you my brother @ TOM for your answer by report this situation.  



  • Here is my photo of cover photo elgg 1.9 with SHANGAZI (Aunt)


    The spaces blank doesn't give a good appearance also, you can have an idea to really frame with shangazi, because me studied i the css in header.php of the folder plugin cover photo elgg and not the pleasant solution.  
    Thank you for the aid  
    @ THOMAS O.


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