Kalfukura Elgg Theme v0.94

Release Notes


  • Improve menu site.
  • To customize the site menu, go to Settings -> Appearance -> Menu items.


Thanks for the suggestions

  • Much better, How can i set the default page to 'activity' rather than dashboard? Also, how do i remove the theme's 'groups' listing under the owner block? I am using river addon and would like to use the group listing from that plugin...

  • When i come to login / register, i no longer get the theme's landing page.... standard default login page.  I will do some testing and report back.

  • I had to 'untick' Restrict pages to logged in users to get the theme's login/register landing page....

  • To 'activity' as default you must disable dashboard plugin.

    To remove theme's groups you can edit starts.php, and search

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('groups'))

    in the lines
    'contexts' => array('dashboard','activity'),

    change to:

    'contexts' => array('dashboard'),

    that remove groups in the 'activity' bellow to owner block

    I'm working to customize walled_garden, patience...

  • Ok thank you, brilliant theme :) Keep up the good work :)

  • WARNING: Deprecated in 1.9: ElggMenuItem::factory() does not accept 'class' key anymore, use 'link_class' instead Called from [#11] /home/joobingi/public_html/engine/lib/navigation.php:81
    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.9: ElggUser::getGroups() takes an options array Called from [#10] /home/joobingi/public_html/mod/kalfukura/start.php:180

    This appear when your theme activated. :-(

  • Ok, fixed the first issue...

    the second what have to do ?

  • $groups = $user->getGroups('', 10);
                            foreach ($groups as $group) {
                                $icon = elgg_view('output/img', array(
                                           'src' => $group->getIconURL('tiny'),
                                               'alt' => $group->name,
                                               'title' => elgg_echo('edit:profile'),
                            'width' => '16',
                            'height' => '16',
                            'class' => 'elgg-menu-item-groups-icon',
                                    elgg_register_menu_item('groups', array(
                                            'section' => 'sidebar',
                                            'name' => "groups-$group->guid elgg-menu-item-groups",
                                    'text' =>  $icon . $group->name,
                                            'href' => "/groups/activity/$group->guid",
                                            'contexts' => array('dashboard','activity'),
                        'class' => 'elgg-menu-item-groups',


  • I haven't the new version yet, but you can change the line:

    $groups = $user->getGroups('', 10);


    $groups = $user->getGroups(array('limit' => 10 ,));



  • The index file is corrupted.  It doesn't uncompress properly.  Nice theme.  Would love to be able to use it.

  • The index file (index.php) is a symbolic link to  views/default/page/elements/pagelogin.php

    What do you need ?


  • Deprecated in 1.9: \ElggMenuItem::factory() does not accept 'class' key anymore, use 'link_class' instead


    how to fix this

    Aldo Li Volsi




  • Hello, a very nice theme. But unfortunately it is not really responsive: the Header makes Problems to Show the title correctly on mobile Clients. Also it is not possible to Login being on the Register site or any other activity site.

    Thank You

  • I know it's not totally responsive, I'll work on that, a patient please (development I do in my free time).

  • Hello, thank You. It Looks very nice: http://imker.nordbiene.de/



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-8-3
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