News Plugin v2.3.12.1

Release Notes

###    (Dec 2018) - Fixes issue #3

### 2.3.12    (Aug 2018) - Removed deprecated function elgg_load_js('lightbox')

### 2.3.11    (Feb 2018) - Removed unused code

### 2.3.10    (July 2017) - Added option for staff news to set news as featured - Fixed news permission issues

### 2.3.9    (March 2017) - Added option to restrict setting news as featured by administrators only

### 2.3.8    (March 2017) - Added option to set custom size on news photos - Added a customizable news list view - Added option in settings to change the default news icon and featured news icon - Fixed: when saving a news post, the user is redirected to list of news

### 2.3.8    (March 2017) - Added compatibility with Elgg 2.3.x - Added line break on summary input/output - Improved view news posts on widgets - Fixed issue on tags field - Fixed issue on user icon

  • Hello Sir,

    I am just wondering if you could implement category for your news plugin. The "Category" Menu should be be visible on the front end, when a news post is being prepared. Category should have a pull down menu from where a category can be chosen - like - Sports
                                                                    Breaking News
                                                                    Developing News
    Kindly please take a look at this link on my site where the category is searchable, but you can map or point each category to an array of pre-loaded images from a "categoryimage" image container it would be really cool. 

    But if this complicates things I would request you the following at min:

    On the configuration / back side you have declared the news icon as "static" (using this term for a lack of better word), where choosing an image icon would result in automatic change for all the previously posted news.  

    So rather than having it there why not make a small change on the front end side 

    As shown in the above image for ur news plugin, you have a "Choose Photo Option". Can you make it point to a image container or just point to your plugin's existing folder  "graphics".

    This way every time we post a news we can choose appropriate news icon and as different people have different category requirements they can upload their images based on their needs. 


  • @MyHoTFB.COM

    All your suggestion are interesting among other improvements I have in mind.

    If you could fund them I could build them faster and share back to the community. Otherwise I will add them according my limited free time.

    Alternatively you are free for code contribution at


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