Release Notes

Due to a new release of jPlayer (version 2.8.1) and some bugs/hints submitted by gdb3000 I reworked on the jPlayer.

What's new?

  • added a new jPlayer source (version 2.8.1) for more infos about the jPlayer release please look here:
  • fixed the url to the flashplayer based on your elgg installation path (thanks to gdb3000 for the info)
  • reworked the design of the simple skin
  • tried to add some kind of responsibility to the design (especially simple player)

Things that still make problems:

M4A Files

M4A files are treated as video files because of the file plugin which says that they are video files. Maybe someone go and tell this to the developers of the file plugin.

Videos on IPad

Unfortunately files don't play on Ipad. And I think also on the Iphone... It seems not a problem of the jPlayer. For now it looks like Ipads can't handle the masking of the original file url wich elgg provides. I started a thread in the community groups:

Maybe one day we find a solution for this problem...

Kind regards



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